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Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics—2023 Review

Janik Sundstrom
By Janik Sundstrom
Michelle Meyer - Editor for Upstep
Reviewed by Michelle Meyer

Updated February 24, 2023.

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Having and maintaining healthy feet is essential for both daily life and various sporting activities, such as walking, hiking, or spending a day on your feet at work. As you spend more time on your feet throughout the day and clock up more steps, the intrinsic muscles of your feet become fatigued and discomfort or injury could set in.

Orthotics adsorb the shock experienced by your feet while power-walking or running and redistribute body weight throughout your entire foot. This plays a crucial role in reducing pressure areas and reducing tissue inflammation. 

Read on to learn how Upstep's custom orthotics will benefit you when walking or hiking.

  • FSA & HSA eligible
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Custom-made by professional podiatrists

How Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics Work

Fitness walking and hiking custom orthotics are specifically molded to the shape of your feet, accommodating any conditions you may already be struggling with in your feet. The custom orthotics distribute weight evenly throughout your foot, creating a stable platform for your foot to move on while completing your activity. With the added support, your feet won’t become fatigued as quickly compared to conducting your activity without orthotics.

Custom orthotics are also an effective way to manage specific conditions you may be experiencing such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, or heel spurs.


  • Custom-designed for your feet
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces the onset of fatigue
  • Made from durable and moisture-absorbent materials
  • Mold is cast in the comfort of your home


  • Feet will take time to adjust—not an instant remedy
  • Short waiting period before receiving the orthotics

Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics

4.8/5(497 reviews)

The Price of Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics

Custom fitness walking and hiking orthotic insoles from Upstep are $229 for a single pair, while two pairs are available for $174 each. Depending on how much you use the orthotics, they’ll usually last for an estimated 2-3 years. This makes custom orthotics a cost-effective way to help you achieve overall comfort throughout your physical activities. 

Additionally, Upstep has a return policy of 120 days with a money-back guarantee, while the orthotics can be altered further to your shoe or foot upon request. 

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Using Upstep's Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics

Upstep's fitness walking and hiking custom orthotics are inserted into your shoes for maximum comfort before embarking on your walk or hike. The design of the orthotics aims to create a normal, biomechanical heel-to-toe "roll", limiting your risk to develop pain and injury to your ankle or foot. 

The custom orthotics purchased from Upstep can be used until you don't feel the same support as when the orthotics were new or in the event that they are potentially aggravating the symptoms in your feet.

Why You Should Use Upstep’s Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics

Upstep's custom orthotics are cast in the comfort of your own home and returned back to you upon completion of manufacturing. The custom orthotics are made from extremely durable and breathable orthotic materials. The top layer is moisture absorbent making it suitable for all activities and weather conditions. 

With Upstep, all custom orthotics are made with years of podiatry knowledge and experience at affordable prices.

Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics

4.8/5(497 reviews)

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