1/15/2017 5:53 PM Philip Wells Bsc.

Philip Wells Bsc.

Why do we have so many different orthotic choices?

Why do we have so many different orthotic choices?

1/15/2017 5:53 PM

Everyone is different and so are our custom orthotics

Well it is important when designing anything for people that we understand that everyone is different! This may seem a bit obvious but both my own clinical experience and years of research has shown that human beings will interact with their surroundings, and any changes to the these surroundings, in very different ways.

Insoles and orthotics are great examples as I will often prescribe custom made insoles for plantar fasciitis and 95% of the time I have great results. However the other 5% will just not be able to wear insoles either because they can’t get them in the shoes they want to wear or they just make the pain worse. Sometimes there is an obvious reason but every now and then I am stumped as to why the insoles didn’t work. The problem is usually resolved by changing the design of the insole to either something softer, harder or just a different top layer.

The Podiatrist perspective

When prescribing any custom orthotic it is important that I have lots of design options so that I can get the ‘core’ of the insole design 50% right by just knowing how they will be used, what shoes they are for and what foot conditions are present. The second 50% comes from the shape of the foot, via the individual foot impression, and how I then design the insole to get the the best support of the foot.

All of this adds up to a totally unique device that will resolve any foot problems.

Over 384 different orthotic designs available

With over 64 different Upstep insoles to choose from, you can be sure that we will have an insole that is right for you. Additionally all of the these designs have the option of foot pain specific design additions such as soft padding for forefoot and heel pain or extra arch control for plantar fasciitis meaning that we have over 384 different designs available.

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