3/22/2017 9:34 PM Philip Wells Bsc.

Philip Wells Bsc.

How does the Upstep solution work?

How does the Upstep solution work?

3/22/2017 9:34 PM

I have recently had a customer ask me how it’s possible to make a foot orthotic without seeing a podiatrist or other specialist healthcare practitioner and I decided to share my response with everyone.

The first question to address is how can taking an impression of your feet at home makes a good orthotic?  My own experiences and more than 3 years of testing by Upstep proves that it does work. The technical explanation is that by capturing the shape of the foot in it resting position and combining this with the underlying foot symptoms, I can design the architecture of the insole to reduce the harmful forces responsible for the pain. When this is combined with choosing the correct materials for the activity level and how these will interact with the shoe, I can get the perfect solution 99% of the time. However, in some very rare cases some other confounding factor is in play and a re-design of the orthotic is required. We don’t rate these as failures, rather as an endorsement of the fact that we are all different and sometimes a tweak or two is needed to completely personalize the orthotics.

As an aside, I get the best results when the customers tell me as much information as possible - there is no such things as too much information - as this all goes into designing the perfect made custom made orthotic!


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