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Every foot is unique. So is every lifestyle. Here’s how we create an orthotic that fits you perfectly:

We understand your needs
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By your selections we'll learn about your lifestyle and any pain you're experiencing. all this information will be considered when the orthotic is designed.

You make a footprint 

An accurate impression of your foot allows us to make a perfectly fitted orthotic.

We provide an exercise plan 
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Our exercise plans are designed to help strengthen your feet and lower legs to improve the effectiveness of your custom orthotics.

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ron katz

I’ve been mountain biking for many years and especially after long rides, my feet would hurt from pushing the toe clips. I’ve tried Upstep orthotics and the change was dramatic! When riding, I felt the insoles achieved ultimate comfortable fit, with excellent arch support. At the end of the ride – No foot pain whatsoever! It’s amazing how it changed my cycling experience.


Ron Katz, Cyclist

I have flat feet, troubled knees, ankles and back. In fact, as a scholarship gymnast, I even had back surgery due to my flat feet. It has been a couple of months since using my new orthotics and my knees, ankles and back have been great! I work out 5 times a week and these orthotics have really been making a difference.


Suzanne Gutierrez, Gymnast

Cutting Edge Technology & Materials
Our footcare lab experts

Our expert team comes from medical, manufacturing and design backgrounds. Their job is to ensure that your Upstep orthotics fit you perfectly and make your feet, and your whole body, feel great

philip wells
Philip Wells Bsc.(Hons)

Podiatry MSCP HCPC Reg.
Runs a successful practice and works exclusively with orthopedic foot complaints

Dr. Israel Goldstein

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
He's currently affiliated with Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY

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