Upstep Comfo Custom Orthotics & Insoles

Why it Hurts
Our Insole Effect
Understanding Foot Pain
Have foot pain or ankle pain? Click on one of the pictures below and point to where it hurts on your foot or ankle.
Two primary arches located on the inside and outside of the foot comprise the midfoot. Poor foot mechanics and fatigue are the primary causes of pain. Common diagnoses include:
  • Plantar fascia strain (Plantar fasciitis) - inside of the arch
  • Insertional Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction - inside of the arch
  • Dorsal Midfoot Interosseous Compression syndrome - top of the arch
The Upstep Orthotic Effect
Orthotics can affect every part of the body by allowing the foot to function better. However, each person will respond to orthotics differently. Commonly reported benefits include:
Reduces Foot Pain
Stabilizes Foot Motion
Distributes Pressure and Absorb Shocks
Provides Arch Support
Prevents Rubbing, Blisters, and Fatigue
Reduces Heel Pain, Shin Pain