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Who We Are
Upstep is specializing in the design and manufacture of quality custom orthotics and foot care solutions.
Our Experience
  • Our team has over 17 years of experience making over 50,000 custom orthotics.
  • We use the best technology and materials available, over 56 material combinations.
  • We use research-based medicine, to define our approach to foot care and orthotic design.
  • Comprising our medical panel are clinicians with years of experience diagnosing and treating feet conditions.
Our Commitment
To provide the best custom orthotics, with the best price and customer service.
Purpose & Vision
To change the way you step by providing state of the art custom orthotics with quick delivery at an affordable price.
Custom support. Custom Care
Excellent service is our mission. We strive to deliver exceptional value and service.
Quality Standard
Our custom orthotics are designed specifically for your needs and to fit your shoes – any shoes.
Business Principles
  • We believe that high-quality custom orthotics can improve people’s quality of life.
  • Our team, technology, and materials are of the highest level and result in a very quality product.
  • We believe that excellent customer service is our obligation to every client.
  • We provide comprehensive care, including personalized exercises and rehabilitation programs.
About Us

Upstep specializes in the design and manufacturer of custom foot orthotics and foot care solutions.

We provide the best custom orthotics available and do so at the most affordable price, in the fastest time, with excellent customer support.

Our in-house professional Podiatrist designs each custom orthotic.

Upstep Everyday, are custom designed for daily activities, to relieve your foot pain, and enhance every type of shoe.

Upstep Sports are specifically designed for sports. Each orthotic is comprised of materials designed to work with the unique demands of any sport.

Our customers are supplied with comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation programs which are tailored to individual needs, to improve foot health and capabilities.

Customer Service
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Toll-Free: (800) 945-4770
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Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm (EST)
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Sunday: 6pm - 11pm (EST)
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