Upstep Custom Orthotics & Insoles

How to Works
Why Upstep
Our products' Benefits
Our Guarantee
How Upstep Works
Each of our orthotics is unique as every foot is unique.
Here is our simple process for making your custom orthotics:

Choose the activity for which you need your orthotics.


Order  - Input your foot needs and lifestyle. 

Imprint & Send

Receive impression kit, easily imprint your feet and send back

Get & Enjoy

Get your custom orthotics within 14 business days, at your door. Enjoy!

Why Upstep
Upstep is firmly committed to making custom orthotics that improve your comfort and quality of life. We work on this commitment every day, in every part of our business.
Custom Made
Every product is custom designed for your foot, lifestyle, and activities. Our expert staff uses the best technology and materials available.
We think foot health should be affordable for everyone. We do everything in-house and pass on the savings.
Professional Knowledge
We employ skilled, experienced medical and manufacturing professionals.
The finest materials make a great product. We use only the best.
Customer care
Our dedicated staff is there for you at every point in this process. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Quick and easy 
Get your custom orthotics without leaving home.



Upstep’s Benefits
We make orthotics of the absolute highest quality that fit perfectly, support, and protect your foot.
Comfort is all you feel.
Perfect fit
We can fit your orthotic to any shoe. Just tell us the size and type.
Custom fitting and high-quality materials deliver blissful comfort.
Moisture control
Our sports orthotics’ moisture control system minimizes odor and improves foot health.
Our orthotics are designed to be extraordinarily functional but attractive, with careful details.
Unique foot support
Our materials conform to your foot’s shape giving unprecedented support.
Our orthotics will last at least as long as your shoes.
Our Guarantee
When we use the word custom, we mean it. The individual nature of both your foot and your lifestyle means that you should feel confident in both our products and support package:
  • 100-day money back guarantee
  • Plastic shells guarantee against breakage for 12 months
  • Specially designed exercises to improve your feet's condition
  • Support from our team is available weekdays, 9 am - 6 pm, Friday till 2:30 pm (PST)