Smooth & Nourish Bundle
SALE $34.90
All Skin Types / e3.38 oz (each)
This daily two-step routine of Energizing Foot Scrub and hydrating foot balm is specially developed to moisturize and rejuvenate your feet, prevent cracks and dryness and keep your soles feeling wonderfully soft.
Inside The Routine:
Energizing Foot Scrub | e3.38 oz.
How To Use:
?. Start by exfoliating away dead skin so our moisturizer can cleanse more effectively.
?. Then apply a small amount to your feet from the Daily Use Moisturizer and massage it into the skin until fully absorbed.
#1 Rated Custom Orthotics in the US
Get more, pay less - a premium solution at no extra charge.

Your Upsteps will be customized specifically to address your foot pain-needs. They're designed for both daily and athletic activities, cost 60% less than any other custom orthotic brand, plus, are completely risk-free to try for 180 days!

Meet the Upstep Pro Feet Series

Keep your feet in tip-top shape in 5 minutes a day! This routine for soft feet and ultimate comfort was developed by our foot health experts. On their own or combined with our customized Upsteps, they're the ideal daily footcare solution for those who understand the importance of healthy feet.

Why Upstep?

We will use top-quality materials for your needs and produce your custom orthotics with the most advanced manufacturing methods!

Then we will send your custom orthotics via FedEx, to your doorstep.

Try your Upsteps for 180 days, Risk-Free!

We 100% guarantee that you'll benefit from our custom orthotics, and If your custom orthotics don’t feel right, we’ll remake them until they fit perfectly, and if you’re not in love with them within 180 days, we’ll refund your money - no questions asked! 

That's right. Just email or call us and we will provide a refund with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular
Does insurance cover your insoles?

We accept FSA/HSA cards and all major credit cards like ApplePay, GooglePay, and Klarna. Unfortunately, not many insurance companies cover custom-made insoles, so we don’t currently work with any insurance companies. We try to make payments as convenient as possible and accept all major credit cards, such as ApplePay, GooglePay, Klarna, and FSA/HSA cards.

Are they truly custom-made insoles?

YES! Upsteps are custom-made Insoles based on foot impression, personal information, lifestyle, and needs. They are designed by our experienced in-house Podiatrists and made from top-quality materials, using the most advanced technology to create each insole.

Will Upsteps help my condition?

Your Upstep custom insoles will be designed specifically for you. Our podiatrists consider everything: The shape of your feet, your age, your lifestyle, the types of sports you do, your everyday activities, previous experience with insoles, Insoles, inserts, and even your favorite shoes.

Will I feel immediate relief?

In most cases, you will feel immediate relief. In some cases, your feet may need a while to get used to your Upsteps. Custom insoles support your arch and hold your feet in a healthier position. If you're not used to it, it may feel awkward at first. The fastest way to get used to your Upsteps is by following the break-in instructions (even if you've had other insoles before). We know you must be anxious to get comfortable and pain-free, but it's important not to rush it. Feet are delicate structures. Following the instructions to a T will ensure maximum comfort. And our 180-day money-back guarantee leaves plenty of time to do things right.

What if I have a specific diagnosis from my podiatrist? Will Upstep still work with me?

Of course, that’s exactly what we’re here for! When you go through the order process, there will be an opportunity for you to share your diagnosis and any supporting paperwork directly with our podiatrists.

What kind of guarantees do you offer?

We offer a risk-free, 180-day money-back guarantee (*180-day money-back guarantee only applies to custom insoles)! We also provide a one-year warranty for the top layer of your custom insole. We’re in this business to improve the quality of your life — and that’s our way of showing we’re committed! Ready to say goodbye to foot pain?!

Do you accept FSA/HSA debit cards?

We do accept FSA/HSA credit and debit cards, you can use them to purchase on our website just like you would with a regular card. We can also provide a detailed invoice if needed for insurance purposes.

Returning Customers
Do you keep my information for future orders?

Yes! Your 3D foot images and order information are saved for 5 years. It means you can easily order a new pair, skip the FeetKit impression stage, and get your new Upsteps much faster.

I had Upsteps before and I want to get a new pair. How can I do it? Will you know not to send me a FeetKit?

It's super easy to reorder your Upsteps! If you want an identical pair to the one you had, tap the Buy Again button, enter your email address, and tap Reorder next to the pair you want.

You are only one step away from the pain-free life you deserve.