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Maintenance Exercises

After completing the specific exercises for your foot condition, it is advisable to progress on strengthening the rest of the foot to help maintain pain-free feet.

Proprioception Disc
Frontal toe tap, wall
Proprioception SLS
Lunge balance
SLS, eyes shut
Single leg balance
Bosu Stabilization
Global Exercises

The need for the whole body to work effectively is essential for long-term foot health. These standing exercises strengthen the hips and legs to improve how we walk and reduce stress on the foot.

Stabilization Plank
Side step with band
Side plank circles
Bent-knee bridge
SLS, eyes shut
Glute bridge, on ball
Single Extension Hold
Glute bridge
Gluteus Med.
Stabilization Multifidus
Frontal toe tap, wall
Lunge balance
Isometric Gluteus med.
Clamshell (Abd/ER)

These exercises aim to stimulate muscle activity gently, especially the small muscles of the arch, and to start the process of strengthing the foot.

Stretching Soleus
Muscle Plantar fascia
Calf release
Stretching Calf
Stretching Plantar fascia

The arch relies on good muscle strength to function correctly, with the intrinsic muscles working to resist arch collapse. This exercise starts the process of improving strength and fatigue resistance.

Toe Dissociation AROM
Plantar flexion

The forefoot relies on both the small muscles and ligaments around the toes in conjunction with the rest of the foot muscles to function optimally. These exercises gently strengthen both.

Strengthening Calf
Intrinsic foot muscle
Active ROM Dorsiflexion
Toe Dissociation AROM
Strengthening Ant.Tibialis

Achilles exercises not only use the tried and tested treatment regime for rehabilitation but also are designed to improve the function of the muscle groups associated with the tendon itself.

Active ROM Dorsiflexion
Active ROM Toe Flexion
Isometric Dorsiflexion

The ankle exercises in this group are designed to strengthen the ankle and increase its proprioceptive ability - the mechanism by which the body keeps its balance. Perform them with care and seek medical advice if any problems occur.

Active ROM Dorsiflexion
Strengthening Supination
Side shuffle
Ankle mobilization
Ankle circumduction
AROM inversion/eversion
Toe curl

The muscles that control the midfoot use both control and endurance to ensure the foot works effectively. These exercises start the process of re-instating this control to get the foot ready for Level 2 endurance and strengthening.

Eccentric weight transfer
Foot tripod double leg
Isometric flexion