Normal Everyday Activity

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120-day money-back guarantee

About the product

Everyday Activity Upsteps are fantastic for versatile day-to-day comfort (1-4 hours a day on your feet). Their support keeps your feet from aching and prevents long-term damage. They're customized for the shoes you choose, so you can enjoy pain-free comfort in style.
120-day guarantee
Free shipping & returns
Eligible for FSA/HSA
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120-day home try-on
Your satisfaction is our number one priority - that's why we created our 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Four Risk-FREE months of testing your custom orthotics to make sure they are bringing you the pain-free mobility and satisfaction that you've been searching for. Not happy within those four months? No problem, contact us and we'll work to get you a new pair that fits just right - or your money back!
Up to 60% less expensive
Unlike other custom orthotics brands and off-the-shelf options, we place affordability as one of our top priorities. We know how expensive it can be to treat foot pain, and when you find a product that is dependable, durable, and effective, like Upstep, we want to ensure it's affordable as well. That's why Upstep's cost 60% less than other brands available.
Our revolutionnaire customization
Your Upsteps are made using materials chosen specifically for your unique needs. Regardless of what your day throws at you, Upstep's shock-absorbing materials, lightweight construction, and long-lasting durability are here to provide you with a tailored solution to relieving your chronic foot pain.

 Your 3-step plan to achieve foot-pain relief

Step 1

Take 2 minutes, answer a few short questions - Take the first step towards your pain-free life, completely risk-free for 120 days.

Step 2

Get Upstep's impression kit, and with simple instructions, imprint your feet and send it back, completely free of charge.

Step 3

We'll analyze and design your Upsteps and ship them to your doorstep with FedEx within 28-35 business days from the day we receive your impression kit.

Get more, pay less - a premium solution at no extra charge.

Your Upsteps will be customized specifically to address your foot pain-needs. They're designed for both daily and athletic activities, cost 60% less than any other custom orthotic brand, plus, are completely risk-free to try for 120 days!

120-day money-back guarantee
Goodbye, foot pain.
Reduce foot fatigue and discomfort when you’re standing or walking for more than 4 hours a day. The perfect blend of support and cushioning in one orthotic design.
  • Maximum support for the arches of the feet
  • A durable Polypropylene shell
  • High-quality top covers and cushioning mid-layers
  • Multiple design options to allow them to fit any shoe
  • Specific features to alleviate common foot pains
120-day money-back guarantee
Why Upstep?

We will use top-quality materials for your needs and produce your custom orthotics with the most advanced manufacturing methods!

Then we will send your custom orthotics via FedEx, to your doorstep.

120-day money-back guarantee
Try your Upsteps for 120 days, Risk-Free!

We 100% guarantee that you'll benefit from our custom orthotics, and If your custom orthotics don’t feel right, we’ll remake them until they fit perfectly, and if you’re not in love with them within 120 days, we’ll refund your money - no questions asked! 

That's right. Just email or call us and we will provide a full refund with no question asked.

120-day money-back guarantee
120-day money-back guarantee
Are your orthotics covered by insurance?
Your Upstep custom orthotics will be designed specifically for you. Our podiatrists consider everything: The shape of your feet, your age, your lifestyle, the types of sports you do, your everyday activities, previous experience with orthotics, and even your favorite shoes.
Are they truly custom-made orthotics?
We understand your uncertainty because we’ve seen how a lot of our competitors do business — purporting to make custom orthotics without even taking foot impressions. We can proudly say that our orthotics are 100% custom-made and manufactured by our in-house team of fully licensed podiatrists.
What if my Upstep custom orthotics don’t feel right?
Not to worry, our satisfaction-guaranteed policy means you can either request a redo or get a full refund, no questions asked and no supporting proof required. We try to make this process as worry free and hassle free as possible but one thing to take into consideration is that in some cases, the impression is slightly off and requires that we make it again. Your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we're willing to adjust your custom orthotics as many times as needed until they fit you perfectly.
What kind of guarantees do you offer?
We offer a risk-free, 120-day money-back guarantee! We also provide a one-year warranty for the top layer of your custom insole. We’re in this business to improve the quality of your life — and that’s our way of showing we’re committed!
What if I have a specific diagnosis from my podiatrist? Will Upstep still work with me?
Of course, that’s exactly what we’re here for! When you go through the order process, there will be an opportunity for you to share your diagnosis and any supporting paperwork directly with our podiatrists.