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How Long Does It Take To Make Custom Orthotics?

Although it varies depending on region, this article will cover the basics of how long it takes to receive a pair of custom orthotics ordered through Upstep.

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated February 10, 2023.

Although they have a similar structure to the orthotics you can buy in-store, custom orthotics are very different. They are usually designed to provide support and comfort to the exact specifications of your feet. Upstep’s team of podiatrists manufacture 100% custom-made foot orthotics, but how long do they typically take?

Should You Order Orthotics In-Store?

Ordering online is fast and easy. However, when it comes to ordering custom orthotics, it’s not the ideal way. Even after you find an orthotic device that you like, it’s hard to know if it is the right one for you, especially since most online stores do not take custom foot impressions. Ordering in a store guarantees you orthotics that are designed to fit.

Upstep online combines the speed of online orders with the fit of an in-store walk-in. By allowing you to send your foot impressions, you can receive custom orthotics designed to your specifications.

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How Long Will You Wait for Custom Orthotics?

You can expect that any product you order will be shipped to you within 24 business days after the date your impression kit has been received. How long it takes before it gets to your hand will depend on where you order from and the logistics involved in moving products to your region.

How Long Do Upstep Orthotics Take To Make?

Upon ordering, Upstep will send an impression kit to you. Once they receive it back, they begin processing your order immediately so that they can ship your custom orthotics to you within 24 days. As such, the time you'll have to wait to receive your custom orthotics after placing your order will vary depending on your location and courier services.


With Upstep, ordering orthotics online becomes less risky and more satisfying. We even offer free adjustments if the product isn't right for you, as well as a 120-day money-back guarantee if you still aren't satisfied.