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Can You Use FSA or HSA to Buy Custom Orthotics?

Are you looking to buy custom orthotics? You can use your FSA and HSA dollars to buy custom orthotics at Upstep. Shop now!

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By Upstep Staff
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Updated November 16, 2023.

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If you are interested in buying custom orthotics but are concerned about the cost, it's a little-known fact that you can purchase a pair from Upstep with your FSA and HSA dollars before they expire.

What Is FSA/HSA?

FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) are financial accounts where you set aside pre-tax money from your paycheck to pay for health expenses that aren’t covered by your insurance. Your FSA money expires on December 31, HSA money never expires.

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Upstep Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet, quality materials
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Step into comfort with Upstep

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180-day money-back guarantee

Shipping and returns

Free shipping and returns in the US


FSA/HSA & HRA eligible

Payment plans

4 interest-free payments with Klarna

Experience a pain-free life with custom orthotics designed for comfort and durability. Made by our expert team of top podiatrists, Upstep custom orthotics offer personalized support while alleviating discomfort and relieving pain daily. Upsteps are designed to keep your feet comfortable and healthy while on the move as well as during high-impact athletic activities.

At Upstep, we put our customers first by guaranteeing satisfaction and providing flexible payment options (FSA, HSA, HRA, Klarna). Our insoles are 100% risk-free and come with a six-month money-back guarantee—not to mention free shipping and returns! Join countless satisfied customers who have found relief from foot pain and discomfort with our custom orthotics.

Custom-made by top podiatrists

Addresses your foot needs directly

Durable materials effectively absorb shock

Reduce pain and injuries

Six risk-free months of testing

FSA, HSA, HRA eligible

Short waiting period before receiving orthotics

How Can You Buy Custom Orthotics With HSA/FSA?

There are two ways to buy custom orthotics using your FSA/HSA dollars:

  • With an FSA Debit Card - If you have an FSA debit card, complete your purchase of Upstep orthotics just as you would with any other credit card.
  • Without an FSA Debit Card - Buying custom orthotics from Upstep through this route is easy. Simply complete your order, and we’ll send you an itemized receipt after your purchase.

What Type of Custom Orthotics Can You Buy at Upstep With FSA/HSA?

You can use your FSA or HSA dollars to buy custom orthotics from Upstep! Choose from orthotics that are designed for both daily and athletic activities. What's more is that Upstep custom orthotics cost 60% less than any other custom orthotic brand, plus they are entirely risk-free to try for 120 days. Remember your FSA dollars expire on December 31, so use them before they're gone!

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