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Can You Work Out in Orthotics?

Orthotics is in demand nowadays for its benefits in various physical activities. Gym goers are also wearing it during high-intensity workouts.

By Avik Das
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published August 24, 2021.

Using orthotics during workouts can be useful if you want to keep your feet in a good condition. A well-designed pair of orthotics can make things easier for you while lifting weights, but there are a couple of things you need to know before using them in your gym shoes.

While choosing the right orthotics for your fitness shoes, the size should be impeccable and hence, custom-made orthotics could be more effective. Depending on the conditions of your feet, you might require either hard insoles or soft insoles. A person with foot deformities or muscle imbalances might need hard insoles to improve them, while soft insoles are easy to wear and give good paddling to the joints of arthritics.

Can Orthotics Cause More Problems?

Without prior medical conditions, the correct size of orthotics shouldn't create any issue if it fits your feet to the inch. However, oddly shaped insoles could lead to issues in knees, ankles, or feet along with sore muscles. Conversely, if someone with underlying conditions decides to try orthotics without an expert's advice, you run the risk of hurting yourself with a poor choice.

Benefits of Using Orthotics While Working Out

Orthotics give numerous positive benefits while exercising. They provide proper support to your ankles, lessen the chance of injury, give your body better balance, boost your workout capacity, and much more. Whether a runner or a regular gym-goer, both can avail these common benefits of orthotics.