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Benefits of Orthotics for Golfers

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated January 25, 2024.

Golf shoes with orthotics

Orthotics have several benefits for golfers as the game of golf causes foot fatigue. The primary reason for this is that major impact points for stress during golf include the feet, knees, and lower back, meaning that they all need to function as a unit for optimum performance.

Table of Contents

  1. The Dangers of Incorrect Footwear
  2. Can Poor Foot Posture Impact the Golf Swing?
  3. How Can Orthotics Help Golfers?
  4. Should Golfers Get Custom Insoles? i. How to Choose the Right Golf Shoe Inserts
  5. Is It Worth Getting Orthotics for Golf?

The Dangers of Incorrect Footwear

Golf shoes with proper insoles do not cause foot pain if designed to your specifications. Thus, where there are preexisting conditions, you can purchase orthopedic golf shoes under the advice of a podiatrist. The podiatrist can help you find the best golf shoes for flat feet and other conditions.

However, wearing incorrect shoes while performing any kind of physical activity, including golfing, can potentially hurt your feet.

Wearing the incorrect footwear during golf can cause:

  • Blisters
  • Foot injuries
  • Excessive strain on the feet and legs
  • Fatigue
  • Neuromas (benign growth of nerve tissue between the toes that can cause pain, burning, and numbness throughout the foot)
  • Sore feet
  • Ankle pain

Can Poor Foot Posture Impact the Golf Swing?

Greatly! Good golf shoes alone aren't enough to deal with the challenges that golfing poses to the body. Posture is another aspect that must be paid attention to. Generally, poor posture will affect your golfing. More specifically, poor foot posture can affect your swing during a golf game.

For example, in the case of flat feet, there is usually an uneven distribution of body weight. This places more stress on the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. It will often take an insole to correct this poor foot posture.

How Custom Orthotics Can Help Golfers

Beyond the limits of golf shoes and good foot posture, orthotics are custom-made to meet the demand of a specific activity and fit the need of an individual's body and foot shape, thereby preventing several different conditions. There are numerous ways that orthotics can benefit golfers, such as:

  • Reduced foot fatigue The most important benefit of golf orthotics is the reduction in fatigue. They do this by properly and comfortably anchoring the foot.
  • Improved overall gait Several studies show that wearing golf shoe insoles does improve gait in golfers as the orthotic is designed to compensate for specific muscle deficiencies.
  • Reduced foot and ankle pain Golfers using custom orthotics can experience a reduction in general foot and ankle pain as the excess load is taken off of weaker areas.
  • Reduced overuse injuries Golfers often suffer from overuse injuries like hallux limitus, inflammation of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot and causing stiffness and soreness. Using custom orthotics can significantly reduce the risk of this and other conditions.

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Should Golfers Get Custom Insoles?

The primary purposes of golf shoe insoles are to:

  • Improve your balance by distributing and transmitting your weight appropriately.
  • Increase your stability, allowing you to enjoy long drives.
  • Make your feet more comfortable while golfing.
  • Limit pronation, reducing your need to expend energy to stand well.

Going by the characteristics discussed above, it is clear that over-the-counter insoles cannot serve a golfer nearly as well as custom-made orthotics. They are often made of lesser quality materials that do not provide as much firmness, stability, or support and are too generic to match the unique shape of your feet. As such, they may do more harm than good due to not considering the intricacies of varying foot shapes.

How to Choose the Right Golf Shoe Inserts

Golf shoe insoles vary from one to the other, and so you must ensure that you pick the right one. The best insoles for golf shoes will be:

  • Firm It is imperative that you use insoles that are firm enough to provide stability. While other materials like memory foam might feel good, they can actually cause more harm than good.
  • Made of good materials Poorer quality materials will either wear out quicker and become unusable or be heavier than they should and contribute to fatigue.
  • Customized to your feet It is essential that your insoles match the unique shape of your feet. Failing this, you run the risk of damaging your ankles by your feet shifting in your shoes or forcing your feet to operate in awkward and uncomfortable ways.

Upstep's orthotics are some of the best orthotics for golfers available online. This is because they are individually designed for each foot to stabilize your swing and soften side-specific pressures. Our golf orthotics are also specialized for left and right-handed golfers, as golf places unique stresses on each foot.

Upstep's arch supports for golf are made of EVA materials that help in preventing pain, improving posture, and giving the player the energy boost needed. They reduce fatigue and discomfort caused by standing or walking for a prolonged period and provide midfoot support to help hit the ball farther than ever before.

We have the perfect blend of support and cushioning in one orthotic design.

Is It Worth Getting Orthotics for Golf?

Golf orthotic insoles are surely worth it due to their design of anchoring the foot. Anchoring prevents the foot from moving inside the shoes, which permits the golfer to increase the power and distance in their swing, thus preventing any related injuries.

They are known to reduce the chances of foot pain and discomfort, making a golfer's game time comfortable and enjoyable without deviating their attention and focus from the game.

Golf Custom Orthotics

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