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7 Best Insoles for Flat Feet—Tested by Physical Therapists
Orthotics7 Best Insoles for Flat Feet—Tested by Physical TherapistsInsoles can help relieve pain, redistribute pressure, and correct any malalignment in the leg due to different types of flat feet. However, because of the sheer number of insoles on the market, making a choice can be stressful. To help, we’ve narrowed down the list to include only the best types of insoles for flat feet. Let's dive in. 1. Upstep Flat Feet Custom Orthotics ProsCustom madeAddresses your foot needs directly180-day money-back guaranteeFSA and HSA eligibleFree shipping and returnsConsShort waiting period before receiving orthotics Upstep Flat Feet Custom Orthotics are easily the best and most effective custom orthotics for flat feet. They are designed specifically for you by experts according to your footprint, existing foot conditions, and lifestyle. They also help maintain body alignment, control abnormal foot motion, and prevent injury during walking. Upstep puts their customers first by guaranteeing their satisfaction and providing flexible payment options. Their insoles are 100% risk-free and come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. You can make payments with your HSA and FSA cards or choose to make four interest-free payments using Klarna. Not to mention, Upstep also offers free shipping and returns. Flat Feet Custom Orthotics 2. Protalus T-100 Insoles ProsAligns and supports your bodyAvailable online and in-storeComfortable90-day money-back guaranteeConsLess perfect fitPossible insufficient support Protalus T-100 are full-length insoles for shoes, dress shoes, and other casual shoes like Nike Free. It aligns the body and supports the entire foot, especially the subtalar joint, preventing excess foot motion. This alignment reduces stress on the ankles, knees, and hips. Unlike Upstep orthotics, Protalus insoles are available for sale in-store and online. Consequently, they do not fit quite as well as Upstep's custom orthotics, making them less effective for flat feet. T-100 Insoles 3. Urthotics Comfort+ Insoles ProsCustom-madeSuited for sensitive feetComfortableFSA and HSA eligibleConsNo interest-free installmentsRisk of error when completing paperworkBetter suited for other foot conditions Urthotics Comfort+ insoles are also custom-shaped to fit your foot and serve your exact needs. Ideally, they are best for those with sensitive feet and are particularly helpful for those with pain in the ball of the foot or metatarsals. They also provide extra comfort where that is the goal. However, they are not very effective in managing flat feet. Urthotics Comfort+ insoles do not allow interest-free installments, even though they cost as much as $159. However, they are purchasable with HSA and FSA cards. Also, the user needs to understand and articulate the foot condition clearly in the paperwork included with the foot impression kit. Our advice? Orthotics Comfort+ insoles are better suited for conditions other than flat feet. Comfort+ Insoles 4. SOLE Softec Ultra Insoles ProsComfortableProvides shock absorptionPromotes equal weight distributionConsNot custom-madeMolding process may cause imperfect fit At CAD 60, SOLE Softec insoles are made from a moldable EVA base and are ideal for conditions where cushioning and comfort is needed. Softec insoles are not custom fitted and need further molding using an oven for fitting. Alternatively, you can wear the footbeds for a few days to allow them to adapt to your feet. They are ideal for loose-fitting footwear and activities requiring maximum shock absorption. They also improve balance, reduce plantar fascia strain, and promote equal weight distribution on the feet. For a store-bought insole, Softec insoles are fairly effective. However, it simply does not hold up compared to a custom insole that factors in foot pathology. Softec Ultra Insoles 5. Tread Labs Pace Insoles ProsAffordableAvailable in multiple sizes and arch heightsGuaranteed to replace cracked or misshapen insolesConsLess than perfect fit Tread Labs Pace Insoles are easily the most affordable store-bought insoles available. They come in multiple sizes and arch heights, allowing you to find as close a fit as possible. They are best for shoes with full-length removable inserts and work well for overpronators and those with plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately, they do not produce the best results when used to manage flat feet since they don't allow for the perfect fit. Pace Insoles 6. FitMyFoot Full-Length Insoles (Black) ProsMobile appCustom 3D printed insoleImprove alignment and stabilityFSA and HSA eligibleConsLimited 30-day return policyCustomer is responsible for shipping FitMyFoot insoles are easier to get than store-bought brands. You can measure your feet on their mobile app and have a 3D print of your insole sent to you. FitMyFoot insoles are best for shoes with removable inserts like casual and athletic shoes. They reduce foot pain, improve body alignment and stability, and help your shoes fit better. However, the brand's returns policy only honors returns within 30 days of purchase. Even then, the client will be responsible for the shipping costs. Full-Length Black Insoles 7. Superfeet BLUE Insoles ProsComfortableAffordableDurable up to a yearConsNot custom-madeBetter suited for everyday use, not flat feet Superfeet BLUE are thin insoles that can replace removable sock liners in roomy to moderate-fitting shoes. They help to improve the overall fit and comfort provided by your shoes. For an item that costs only $54.49, Superfeet BLUE insoles are durable, lasting up to a year. These insoles are made for everyday use and provide some arch support and shock absorption. However, they are not ideal for managing flat feet. Blue Insoles The Verdict While all the above insoles will produce some results for flat feet, Upstep insoles are the best for flat feet. They are custom-made and specially designed to fit the specific wearer, allowing you to receive the exact support you need. Their custom fit and excellent quality and craftsmanship provide the best value for money. It is my professional opinion that there is no going wrong with Upstep's Flat Feet Insoles. » Couldn't find what you're looking for? Check out our website for more custom orthotics.
6 Best Insoles for Athletes Suffering From Achilles Tendonitis
Orthotics6 Best Insoles for Athletes Suffering From Achilles TendonitisAchilles tendonitis is a condition where micro-tears in the Achilles’ tendon lead to inflammation and pain. It's generally considered to be caused by placing excessive strain on the tendon—often by doing “too much, too soon” when it comes to exercise. Orthotics have been widely considered to be a safe and effective way for athletes to manage Achilles tendonitis by improving foot function and optimizing joint movement, load management, and shock absorption. Below we list and discuss the best insoles for athletes who are suffering from Achilles tendonitis. 1. Upstep | Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics ProsCustom-madeDesigned by podiatristsDurableFSA and HSA eligible180-day money-back guaranteeConsShort waiting period before receiving your orthotics Upstep’s Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics are custom-made by podiatrists and therefore specifically tailored to the shape and size of your feet, addressing your foot needs. Simply cast your feet with Upstep's impression kit in the comfort of your own home. Upstep’s Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics are made from durable materials that aim to reduce shock traveling through your foot and subsequently your Achilles’ tendon. Additionally, these custom insoles are affordable as well as FSA and HSA eligible. A 180-day money-back guarantee and free shipping and returns (including adjustments) make these insoles even more attractive. Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics 2. Superfeet | Adapt Run Insoles ProsLight buildFlexibleResponsive forefoot zoneConsTrimming by the customer may result in an uncomfortable fit Superfeet Adapt Run Insoles are lightly built, cushioned running orthotics made to feel like they're part of your running shoes. The orthotics are flexible and adapt to the natural movement of your feet for added comfort. A responsive forefoot zone improves energy efficiency, helping to take strain off your Achilles tendon. However, these insoles are bought over-the-counter and are required to be trimmed down by the customer. This leaves room for error and can result in an uncomfortable fit. Adapt Run Insoles 3. Tread Labs | Dash Thin Insoles ProsCarbon fiber arch supportVersatileImproves biomechanicsConsPredetermined arch heights may not provide a perfect fitMay receive insufficient support Tread Labs Dash Thin Insoles are designed for athletes with flat feet and for those that require extra firm support. The insoles are built with a carbon fiber arch support that improves biomechanics and boosts energy return. The insoles can be worn in a host of sporting shoes, from cycling shoes to soccer boots and more. The insoles come in four arch different heights and require the customer to make an informed decision about which level of arch support will suit their feet the best and provide maximum comfort. However, because these insoles aren't custom-made, you may receive insufficient support if none of the sizes is a perfect fit. Dash Thin Insoles 4. SOLE | Performance Thin Insoles ProsEco-friendlyBest for slim-fitting shoesVersatileConsNot custom-madeMolding process may result in incorrect fit SOLE Performance Thin Insoles are made from recycled wine cork and are best suited for slim-fitting shoes to perform everyday and high-performance activities. The insoles aim to distribute weight and pressure equally throughout your entire foot, removing pressure from your Achilles tendon. The insoles are bought over the counter according to the size of your feet and boast to provide support to any level of arch height. You must heat and mold the insoles to the shape of your feet after purchase. There is a chance that the molding process may cause a less-than-ideal fit. Performance Thin Insoles 5. Protalus | T-100 Elite Insoles ProsSuited for standard volume shoesThinner than the M-100 seriesAnti-slip ridges90-day money-back guaranteeConsUniversal footbed not customized for the customer Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles are best suited for standard volume shoes and are thinner than the M-100 series. These insoles aim to provide maximum comfort through sufficient cushioning and also aim to correct your foot alignment to distribute pressure across your foot equally, thereby relieving some stress off your Achilles tendon. The anti-slip ridges ensure the insole remains secure in your shoe and doesn't slip or slide around. These insoles have a universal footbed and aren't tailored to your specific foot needs. This may influence the support your feet receive. T-100 Elite Insoles 6. URthotics | Active/Sports Insoles ProsCustom-made3D printedFSA and HSA eligible6-months money-back guaranteeConsWaiting period before receiving your insoles The URthotics Active/Sports Insoles are custom-made based on molds of your feet. The custom insoles are 3D printed according to the mold and delivered to your door. The insoles include a custom base for stability and motion control, custom arch support to redistribute any weight, and a deep heel cup for pain relief and protection. These custom insoles are versatile and suitable for many physical activities. Additionally, they're FSA and HSA eligible and come with a 6-months money-back guarantee. Active/Sports Insoles Conclusion Orthotics are an effective, safe, and affordable way fo manage Achilles tendonitis in athletes. However, specifically custom orthotics as treatment for Achilles tendonitis is recommended. Custom orthotics take your unique foot shape and your condition's causes into consideration to provide effective management. If left untreated, your Achilles tendon can start to degenerate, and even rupture or tear. Don't hesitate to invest in a custom orthotics solution that will remain benefinial in the long term. » Looking for more custom orthotics? Visit Upstep's website
6 Best Basketball Shoe Insoles for Flat Feet — Boost Your Game
Orthotics6 Best Basketball Shoe Insoles for Flat Feet — Boost Your GameActions commonly associated with playing basketball, like running, jumping, and changing direction quickly, can lead to foot problems and injuries. These include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, joint fractures, etc. Players with flat feet are more susceptible to injury because, without foot arches, the natural shock-absorbing qualities of their feet are reduced. But by wearing the correct insoles, your feet receive proper arch support and heel cushioning, reducing foot pain and improving natural balance. Below we've listed the best basketball insoles for flat feet to boost your performance during your game. » Not convinced yet? Discover more benefits of orthotics for basketball players 1. Upstep | Basketball Custom Orthotics ProsTailor-madeLightweight and durableCompatible with any sneakerFSA and HSA eligible180-day money-back guaranteeConsShort waiting period before receiving your insoles Upstep’s Basketball Custom Orthotics are custom-made to suit the exact shape of your flat feet, ensuring maximum comfort and support. This lightweight custom insole is designed to absorb shocks and maximize energy return without dragging you down. The top layer of the insole absorbs moisture, helping to control odor and making sure your feet don't slip. They'll easily fit within low-, mid-, or high-top sneakers for on-the-court comfort. These custom orthotics are affordable, with different payment option, including FSA and HSA cards. Each pair becomes cheaper as you purchase more. Upstep has a 180-day money-back guarantee on all orthotics and offers free shipping and returns (including adjustments). Basketball Custom Orthotics 2. SOLE | Performance Medium Insoles With Met Pad ProsSustainableBuilt-in metatarsal padAffordable90-day guaranteeConsMolding process may cause incorrect fit and supportNot specifically designed for basketball shoes SOLE Performance Medium Insoles With Met Pad offer optimal comfort through a built-in metatarsal pad, designed to support your forefoot. The insoles support your feet in their natural position, while providing good arch support and cushioning for flat feet. Additionally, these insoles are affordable and have a 90-day guarantee, reducing your risk when making a purchase. The insoles are bought standard and require you to heat up and mold the insole to the shape of your feet. This process does leave room for error to provide an improper fit and support. Also, these insoles are not specifically designed for basketball players and may be better suited for other activities. Performance Medium Insoles with Met Pad 3. Superfeet | Run Pain Relief Insoles ProsRemoveable shoe stabilizerOdor controlTherapeutic foamAffordableConsOwn trimming can result in uncomfortable fitMore suited toward running and walking Superfeet Run Pain Relief Insoles are designed for those with an active lifestyle and include a removable shoe stabilizer to increase structure and support. Its durable design further includes a moisturewick for odor control and therapeutic foam that reduces friction while protecting and cushioning your feet. These insoles are affordable and available in multiple sizes. You're required to trim the insole to fit in your shoes. However, if done incorrectly, this can result in an uncomfortable fit and diminished support. These insoles are also more suited toward running and walking. Run Pain Relief 4. Protalus | M-75 Insoles ProsSuitable for full-volume shoesTri-planar alignment systemHigher sides to reduce pressure90-day money-back guaranteeConsNot custom-madeMay provide insufficient support Protalus M-75 Insoles boast maximum comfort and support (including your arches) at an affordable price. Ideal for full-volume shoes, like basketball shoes, these insoles can be placed straight inside your shoes if you can't remove the factory insoles. The higher sides aim to reduce pressure placed on your feet while Protalus's signature tri-planar alignment system moves your body into its proper position. These insoles can be bought over-the-counter and come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. However, the M-75 insoles are not custom-made and may possibly not provide you with the same support as custom orthotics. M-75 Insoles 5. Tread Labs | Pace Short Insoles ProsMedical-gradeExtra firm supportDeep heel cupConsNot custom-madeBetter suited for tight-fitting shoes Tread Labs Pace Short Insoles are medical-grade insoles designed to give extra firm support, perfect for those with plantar fasciitis or overpronation. The insoles don't run the length of the shoe, instead focusing mostly on the heel and arch area. The deep heel cup aims to reduce impact, improve balance, and reduce foot pain. The insoles have a choice of four different arch heights. However, they're not designed specifically for basketball, nor are they custom-made to the exact shape of your feet. These insoles are better suited for tight-fitting shoes like ballet flats, dress shoes and other footwear without a removeable insert. Pace Short Insoles 6. URthotics | Active/Sports Insoles ProsCustom-madeCustom arch supportComfortableFSA and HSA eligible6-months money-back guaranteeConsWaiting period before receiving your insolesNot specifically designed for basketball URthotics Active/Sports Insoles are custom-made insoles designed for those who have an active lifestyle and partake in sports. These durable insoles provide custom arch support based on your foot shape while their impact-absorbing qualities maximize comfort during all your sporting activities. Affordable and FSA/HSA eligible, URthotics insoles also come with a 6-months money-back guarantee. While these insoles can improve your overall comfort and stability on the court, they are not designed specifically for basketball. Active / Sports Insole Custom Orthotics Slam Dunk Custom orthotics that are professionally manufactured are the best option to provide your feet with sufficient cushioning and support in the long term. Custom orthotics will ensure maximum comfort from the get-go and improve your efficiency on the court, while preventing injuries or foot pain. » Looking for more custom orthotics? Visit Upstep's website
5 Best Hiking Boot Insoles to Wear for Plantar Fasciitis
Orthotics5 Best Hiking Boot Insoles to Wear for Plantar FasciitisAs someone who enjoys hiking, you rely heavily on your hiking boots to carry you over challenging terrains. This makes proper foot support essential to avoid injury—and even more so if you have plantar fasciitis. Wearing the correct orthotics in hiking boots, especially with plantar fasciitis, will help to optimize your gait by holding your feet aligned, stable, and in place. Insoles will also provide additional comfort, cushioning, and arch support for your feet to reduce foot fatigue and lessen the risk of developing inflammation in your plantar fasciitis while hiking. Below we've listed the best hiking boot insoles to wear for plantar fasciitis. » Getting calf pain from plantar fasciitis? Try these insoles 1. Upstep | Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics ProsCustom-madeDesigned by podiatristsDurableAddresses and manages plantar fasciitis symptomsAffordableConsShort waiting period before receiving your insoles Upstep’s Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotics are custom-made by professional podiatrists to fit snugly in your hiking boots in an effort to reduce foot fatigue, improve foot mechanics, and provide you with optimum support as you hike. The orthotics are durable and effectively reduce and manage plantar fasciitis symptoms, preventing it from progressively getting worse in the future. These insoles are affordable (available with FSA and HSA cards or through interest-free payments) and come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. Fitness Walking & Hiking Custom Orthotic 2. Superfeet | Adapt Hike Max Insoles ProsFlexible structureAdapts to your natural motionDurableAffordableConsNot custom-made and must be trimmedMay not fit correctly or provide sufficient support Superfeet Adapt Hike Max Insoles are designed to support and cushion your feet through its flexible structure. These insoles adapt to the natural movement of your feet, making them suitable for hiking activities. Apart from being affordable, these insoles also feature durable construction, an energizing heel cushion, and responsive forefoot zone, making it effective for managing plantar fasciitis. Superfeet Adapt Hike Max Insoles are bought over-the-counter and must be trimmed to fit. Therefore, they may not address your foot needs as fully as custom orthotics. Adapt Hike Max Insoles 3. Protalus | M-100 Elite Insoles ProsSuitable for full-volume shoesAnti-slip ridgesHeel cup corrects misalignmentOdor controlConsOne fit for all arch typesImproper fit may not provide sufficient support Protalus M-100 Elite Insoles are affordable, over-the-counter insoles that feature a comfortable, durable, three-layered design. Suitable for full-volume shoes, the heel cup keeps your ankle in a neutral position in an effort to correct misalignment while the anti-slip ridges work to prevent the insoles from slipping or moving in your hiking boots, giving you more stable footing. The top coat manages any moisture and bacteria, providing odor and slippage control. However, the insoles have a universal fit only for all arch types. This may not provide you with the necessary support and may aggravate your plantar fasciitis. M-100 Elite Insoles 4. SOLE | Performance Wide Thick Insoles ProsSuitable for shoes with wider toe-boxesSustainableComfortableAffordableConsNot custom-madeFit and support may be incorrect SOLE Performance Wide Thick Insoles are made from recycled wine cork and feature a wider toe-box for maximum comfort. The insoles are designed to reduce strain placed on the plantar fascia by reducing foot fatigue, improving balance, and redistributing weight equally across your feet. While these insoles are affordable and available in multiple sizes, they're not custom-made and you may not find the perfect fit or support (especially your arches). Performance Wide Thick Insoles 5. Tread Labs | Pace Thin Insoles ProsMedical-grade insolesExtra firm supportDeep heel cup improves stabilityConsBetter suited for low-volume shoesChoices of arch heights may not provide sufficient supportDifferent sizes may not fit perfectly Tread Labs Pace Thin Insoles are affordable medical-grade orthotics, designed for those with plantar fasciitis, severe over pronation, and are heavy on their feet. The insoles provide extra firm support to lessen plantar fasciitis symptoms, while a deep heel cup decreases the impact of your feet with the ground and improves stability. While these insoles are available in multiple sizes, they're better suited for low-volume shoes and not necessarily hiking boots. You also have your choice from 4 different arch heights, however, this doesn't guarantee you'll find one that fits perfect and provides the necessary support. Pace Thin Insoles Conclusion Not having insoles that fit correctly and provide adequate support in your hiking boots can increase the risk of developing plantar fasciitis and can aggravate symptoms you currently have. Custom orthotics are the best option to manage any symptoms related to plantar fasciitis because the source of your condition is not necessarily the same as the next person. Custom insoles are made based on your foot shape, activities, and lifestyle. Therefore, it's best suited to address your specific foot needs as opposed to a universal, over-the-counter insole that provides generic support. » Looking for more custom orthotics? Visit Upstep's website
5 Best Golf Shoe Insoles to Aid With Your Lower Back Pain
Orthotics5 Best Golf Shoe Insoles to Aid With Your Lower Back PainThe stress placed on your feet and body during golf leads many to develop lower back pain, especially because of the long hours golfers spend standing and walking. Often their golf shoes may not be supportive and comfortable enough to be worn for the hours it requires to play a round of golf. The introduction of insoles into your golf shoes will help to support your feet, improve your posture for a stable swing, and aid in limiting pronation. By restoring normal foot mechanics, the insoles will prevent foot fatigue and reduce the strain placed on the rest of your body, specifically your lower back. » Struggling with lower back pain specifically? Browse the best orthotics for lower back pain 1. Upstep | Golf Custom Orthotics ProsCustom-madeReduces foot fatigue and pressureAffordableFSA and HSA eligible180-day money-back guaranteeConsShort waiting period before receiving insoles Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics are specifically and professionally designed to stabilize your feet while you swing and support them as you walk around the course. Discomfort is lessened by reducing foot fatigue and side-specific forces that place pressure on your feet. These insoles take into account whether you're left- or right-handed, knowing the unique stresses golf places on each foot. Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics are affordable and payble witha FSA or HSA card. Alternatively, you can make interest-free installments via Klarna. Enjoy a 180-day money-back guarantee while you can order insoles and cast your foot molds in the comfort of your home. Golf Custom Orthotics 2. Protalus | ET-75 Insoles ProsSuited for low-volume shoesAffordableConsNot custom-madeNot specifically suited for golf The Protalus ET-75 Insoles are ideal for low-volume shoes with non-removable factory insoles and provide comfort, pressure reduction, and support to your feet as you walk. While not designed for golf specifically, these over-the-counter orthotics are an affordable option for your everyday and sporting needs. However, because these insoles are not custom-made, they may not provide the perfect fit. ET-75 Insoles 3. SOLE | Active Medium Insoles ProsSuited for medium-fitting footwearAffordableVersatileConsAvailable sizes may not provide sufficient support SOLE Active Medium Insoles are designed for medium-fitting footwear like running shoes, casual sneakers, golf shoes, medium-fitting boots, and more, making these insoles versatile. These insoles aim to prevent strain on the plantar fascia, improve comfort, and increase balance. SOLE Active Medium Insoles are affordable and come in various sizes. However, the available sizes may not necessarily provide the best support for your feet. Active Medium Insoles 4. Tread Labs | Ramble Thin Insoles ProsFirm and flexible supportComfortableAffordableConsPredetermined arch heightsMay not receive necessary support from available choices Tread Labs Ramble Thin Insoles are both firm and flexible within your shoes. These insoles boast improved comfort based on the materials used to manufacture the insoles, and aim to support your foot arch. However, these insoles only come in four different arch heights, leaving the choice up to the customer. You may possibly not receive the support you need from the available arch heights. Ramble Thin Insoles 5. Superfeet | Blue Insoles ProsDurableVersatileAffordableConsNot custom-madeNot specifically designed for golfers Superfeet Blue Insoles are long-lasting insoles designed for various shoe types and sizes. The insoles are an affordable and effective way to provide support and improve comfort to your feet. The insoles are created with high-density foam to provide a cushioning heel cup and medium arch support. Superfeet Blue Insoles provide good overall support, but are not specifically designed for golf shoes or to address the needs of golfers. Blue Insoles Take Your Best Swing With Custom Orthotics The benefits of orthotics for golfers are numerous: improving your swing and posture, addressing lower back pain, reducing foot fatigue, etc. However, to get the most out of these benefits, we recommend investing in custom orthotics. They will directly address your needs and take your activities and lifestyle into consideration, providing you with a long-term solution to managing aspects such as lower back pain. » Couldn't find what you were looking for? Visit Upstep's website to browse their custom orthotics range
5 Best Insoles for Football Players to Help Prevent Field Injuries
Orthotics5 Best Insoles for Football Players to Help Prevent Field InjuriesWhether you're an amateur or a professional, getting injured on the field is a reality. Sudden movements or changes in direction as well as active running and sprinting take a toll on you physically, especially your feet. Common foot issues footballers experience include damage to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. Getting insoles for your football cleats will help prevent injury and manage symptoms of existing foot conditions. While athletes experience different benefits from orthotics, the right insoles will support you by providing stability and relief, aiding in heel elevation, and absorbing excess shock. Below, we’ve listed the top insoles for football players available on the market to help prevent field injuries. » Should all athletes wear insoles? Discover which athletes can benefit from wearing orthotics 1. Upstep | Football Custom Orthotics ProsCustom-madeSleek designAffordableFSA and HSA eligible180-day money-back guaranteeConsShort waiting period before receiving orthotics As you twist and turn while playing football, you place pressure on your feet. Not so with Upstep Football Custom Orthotics. These custom insoles are designed by podiatrists using a combination of 56 materials to absorb stud pressure, stabilize the ankle, and prevent damage to your feet. Following a clear understanding of the nature of your activities, your boot type, and your foot specifications, these orthotics will help to prevent injury on the field by providing the support you need. Their sleek design ensures they're not too bulky in your boot and don't limit your motion. Upstep football insoles are affordable and payable with your FSA or HSA card or through interest-free installments via Klarna. Shipping and returns are free (including adjustments) on top of a 180-day money-back guarantee. Football Custom Insoles 2. Superfeet | Adapt Run Max Insoles ProsDeep heel cupComfortableAffordableDurableConsNot custom-madeMay not provide perfect fit or support Superfeet Adapt Run Max Insoles feature a deeper heel cup, high arch profile, and well-cushioned footbed. While the heel cup stabilizes the ankle and reduces any extra motion, the cushion disperses the impact from the ground while you move. Superfeet Insoles are great for running and walking, are affordable, and can provide comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, depending on which comes first. They also have a moisture wick to limit sweating in the shoe. While these insoles come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to pick the closest fit, it may not be perfect and provide less support than custom orthotics. Adapt Run Max Insoles 3. SOLE | Thin Sport Insoles ProsEasily fits into cleatsTop cover reduces friction and slippageOdor controlConsThin insoles may not be durable for footballMolding process may not produce perfect fit SOLE Thin Sports Insoles are best suited for people with wide feet or used in cleats and casual shoes. It uses a high-density EVA foam that cradles the foot but provides resilient support to the foot arch. Its thin design fits easily into your shoes, while the top cover is designed to reduce friction and prevent moisture from accumulating on the insole, thereby controlling odor and slippage. These insoles are available in multiple sizes and are heat and wear moldable. However, there is a risk that the insoles won't fit perfectly after this process. Coupled with a thin design, these insoles may be better suited for a less intense activity than football. Thin Sport Insoles 4. Protalus | T-100 Elite Insoles ProsTri-plantar technologyAnti-slip ridgesTop cover controls odor and frictionAffordableConsNot custom-made Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles are full-length semi-rigid orthotics that provide arch support and neutral alignment to your feet. Its patented tri-plantar technology improves stability and anti-slip ridges under the insole help maintain balance. The top cloth is moisture-wicking and anti-friction with an EVA foam molded body that provides cushioning and comfort, while nylon is contoured on the shoe sole for stability and support. Additional padding helps improve shock absorption. These insoles also come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and can be bought through interest-free installments via Affirm Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles aren't tailor-made to your needs and may not provide sufficient support. T-100 Elite Insoles 5. TreadLabs | Dash Insoles ProsMedical gradeAffordableMillion mile guarantee90-day money-back guaranteeConsPredetermined arch heightsThin design better suited to other activities Tread Labs Dash Insoles aim to prevent you from sustaining an injury while simultaneously improving your performance. Thin and ultra-firm, these soles are medical-grade and designed to improve your efficiency in your daily tasks and minimize the impact when your feet hit the ground. Tread Labs's million mile guarantee allows you to replace your insoles if they crack or lose their shape. The insoles are also payable through interest-free installments via ShopPay. However, Tread Labs's arch height is predetermined. You can choose between low, medium, high, or extra-high, meaning the fit may not be perfect. Its thin design may also be better suited toward other athletic activities. Dash Insoles For the Long Haul, Choose Custom Orthotics When used with the right boots, football insoles can help cushion your feet, absorb excess shock, stabilize your ankles, reduce the risk of injury, and boost your performance. With custom orthotics, the results are even more certain because the insoles are designed based on your foot shape and needs, thereby addressing your condition specifically. If you plan to play football for the long haul, then an investment in custom orthotics is a must. » Want to see more custom orthotics? Browse Upstep's wide range of custom orthotics
6 Best Insoles for Marathon Runners to Help in Preventing Injuries
Orthotics6 Best Insoles for Marathon Runners to Help in Preventing InjuriesInjuries among runners are common. This is no surprise when you consider that the act of running itself places repetitive stress on the body, especially your knees, legs, and feet—and even more so for marathon runners. The terrain you run on, the force you run with, and the weight you place on your feet all contribute to potentially getting an injury. But by using an insole that fits correctly, you're already taking the first step toward preventing an injury during running. Insoles will provide cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support which will help control pronation, provide pain relief, and increase stability. Now, you may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options available in the market. But we've compiled a list of the best insoles for marathon runners to help in preventing injuries. Running Custom Orthotics 1. Upstep Hit the track with custom-made insoles Price From $174 Materials 56 different material combinations Sizes Custom made Return policy 180-day money-back guarantee Upstep insoles are carefully made to ensure that they serve exactly the purpose you need them for. Custom insoles are designed for you by podiatrists using the latest technology and the best materials possible, providing you with a long-term solution that addresses your unique foot needs. Upstep Running Custom Orthotics provide superior cushioning and shock absorption compared to regular over-the-counter orthotics. Made from durable materials, these insoles aim to drastically reduce pain and injury associated with running. Upstep insoles are affordable as well as FSA and HSA eligible. You can even make interest-free payments with Klarna. Easily purchase your custom orthotics online and take advantage of the free shipping—including sending your orthotics back for adjustments. If you’re looking for a proper insole to improve comfort, keep your feet neutrally aligned, provide arch support, and improve your performance as you run, the Upstep store is where you want to run to. ProsCustom madeDurableAffordableFree shipping and returnsFSA and HSA eligibleConsShort waiting period before receiving orthotics Performance Thin Insoles With Met Pad 2. SOLE Sustainable forefoot comfort for your feet Price From $65 Materials ReCORK recycled wine corks Sizes Multiple men's and women's sizes Return policy 90-day guarantee SOLE Performance Thin Insoles aim to improve your balance and evenly distribute the weight on your feet as you run. Its lightweight design makes it best suited for tight-fitting running shoes, while the addition of the met pad gives your forefoot extra support—making it ideal for running. SOLE's insoles are made from recycled wine corks, making them eco-friendly. The insoles also come with a 90-day guarantee if you're unsatisfied with your purchase. However, these insoles aren't custom-made. Instead, they're heat and wear moldable, leaving room for a less-than-ideal fit. ProsLightweight designAdditional met padEco-friendlyReasonable return policyConsNot custom-made and may not provide ideal fit and support Run Comfort Insoles 3. Superfeet Substitute foot fatigue for efficient energy transfer while you run Price From $42 Materials EVOLyte® carbon fiber and AeroSpring Rebound foam Sizes Multiple men's and women's sizes Return policy 60-day comfort guarantee Whether you’ll be running a mile or ten, Superfeet Run Comfort Insoles will keep you comfortable. By stabilizing the foot and limiting any excessive motion, Superfeet Run Comfort insoles help substitute foot fatigue for efficiency. The insoles use a Responsive EVOLyte® carbon fiber that responds to the force passing through it. It also has two layers of AeroSpring Rebound foam to ensure a smooth and efficient energy transfer as you run. Apart from its durable construction, its Moisturewick technology controls odor and keeps your feet fresh all day. However, you may have to trim the insoles to fit. This can cause squeaking in your shoes if you don’t get the right fit and provide insufficient support. ProsDurableComfortableReduces foot fatigueOdor controlConsTrimming the insole can cause squeaking and insufficient support M-100 Insoles 4. Protalus Get maximum support from the side while running Price From $17.95 Materials EVC, Polyurethane, nylon Sizes Multiple men's and women's sizes Return policy 90-day money-back guarantee Protalus M-100 Insoles are ideal for larger or wider shoes and aim to provide firm support with its rebound foam and alignment technology. Its higher sides reduce and redistribute pressure across your feet, improving your performance while running. Protalus M-100 Insoles also come with anti-slip ridges to prevent the insoles from slipping inside your shoes. While it features a wider range of sizes, it is only available with one arch height. Protalus offers a 90-day money-back guarantee including shipping and exchanges, but this doesn't apply to subscriptions. However, these insoles are not tailor-made and may require trimming to fit, possibly influencing its effectiveness. ProsFirm supportHigher sides to reduce pressureAnti-slip ridges90-day money-back guarantee including shippingConsOne arch heightTrimming may influence insoles' fit Pace Insoles 5. Tread Labs Extra firm medical-grade support without compromising comfort Price From $75 Materials Polyurethane, polyester Sizes Multiple men's and women's sizes Return policy Million mile guarantee Tread Labs Pace Insoles are full-length medical-grade orthotics with a deep heel cup and arch support to stabilize your ankle and align your feet while running. These insoles are best used with removable inserts and have a thick top cover made from Polyurethane and 100% recycled polyester. The top cover guarantees comfort and is also anti-microbial treated, so your feet remain fresh all day. Tread Labs Pace Insoles are affordable and payable in 4-interest-free installments. The million mile guarantee ensures your insoles will be replaced if they crack or lose their shape. These insoles are not custom-made. Instead, they're available in four arch heights and while the top cover can be replaced as necessary, you run the risk of not getting a perfect fit and support. ProsMedical-grade orthoticsComfortableOdor controlAffordableEasily replaceable with the million mile guaranteeConsOnly available in 4 arch heightsNot custom-madeMight not provide ideal fit and support Active/Sports Insoles 6. URthotics Person specific design for optimal performance while running Price From $159 Materials EVA, Polypropylene Sizes Custom made Return policy 6-months money-back guarantee URthotics will improve your comfort and performance. Made by podiatrists using your exact foot specifications, the insoles are unique and fabricated from scratch based on your foot's needs and activity level. These insoles will easily fit into your active lifestyle with its deep heel cup for pain relief, increased shock absorption, and custom arch support to redistribute any weight placed on your feet. URthotics offer a lifetime warranty and 6-months money-back guarantee. They're also FSA and HSA eligible. ProsCustom-madeComfortableAffordableFSA and HSA eligibleConsShort waiting period before receiving your orthotics Go Custom! Overall, the best insoles for running depend on your particular foot shape, running style, and running shoes. If you’re going to be running for the long haul (and why shouldn’t you?), custom orthotics are recommended because they take the same factors into consideration. Invest in a durable and longer-lasting solution that's guaranteed to give you the results you desire while running. » Want to see more custom orthotics? Browse Upstep's wide range of products
FSA Eligible: Buy Custom Orthotics With Your FSA Funds
OrthoticsFSA Eligible: Buy Custom Orthotics With Your FSA FundsWhen people have to make out-of-pocket payments for medical and health expenses, the demand for necessary health services reduces. This is not surprising at all since research suggests that the ability to pay is unequal to the willingness to pay as these out-of-pocket payments can eat up savings, ruin credit scores, and lead to impoverishment. Many people don’t realize there are financial schemes that can cover some of these costs, easing any strain on finances and ensuring they get what they need when they need it. The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is one such plan. FSA is a type of savings account that you can contribute a portion of your earnings to. FSA is not subject to tax and can be used to cover certain medical and dental costs including medication and equipment. Are Orthotics Covered By FSA? Yes. Orthotics are included on the official FSA eligibility list. FSA coverage also extends to custom orthotics provided they're prescribed by a medical expert. Not only are all of Upstep's orthotics FSA eligible, but they're also covered by the Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). Beyond providing coverage for your custom orthotics, Upstep goes one step further to make the process seamless and straightforward: You can make a direct purchase if you have a credit card linked to your FSA account; orYou can request reimbursement by providing your healthcare provider with the detailed invoice from Upstep. » Using HSA to buy orthotics? Here's how to get reimbursed for orthotics from HSA FSA Eligible Orthotics All Upstep orthotics can be purchased with FSA. Here’s a growing list of some of the products, their unique value, and who should use them. Orthotics for Flat Feet Flat Feet Custom Orthotics Upstep custom orthotics for flat feet are low-volume insoles that can be inserted into any shoe type. They have a wide and deep heel cup to support your foot arch and prevent pain. These orthotics help to keep your foot in its natural position. » Read our Flat Feet Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics These orthotics are designed to treat any pain symptoms due to plantar fasciitis as well as the source of the pain. Upstep orthotics for plantar fasciitis have a deep heel cup to keep your foot aligned and prevent rolling outwards. They're also well cushioned to provide shock absorption and comfort and redistribute any pressure on your foot. » Read our Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Heel Pain Heel Pain Custom Orthotics Upstep’s heel pain orthotics address foot biomechanics and cushion your feet to reduce any pain symptoms. They're tailored to individual foot specifications and lifestyle needs, thereby addressing the direct causes of heel pain and providing long-term solutions to foot pain problems. » Read our Heel Pain Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Fitness & Walking Hiking and Fitness Walking Custom Orthotics Upstep fitness and walking orthotics are designed to fit into general and specific walking footwear. They have a moisture-absorbent top layer that prevents sweating, saving your feet from any discomfort. These insoles also maintain proper foot mechanics so that the foot remains aligned as it transitions from heel strike to toe-off with every step. » Read our Hiking and Walking Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Running Running Custom Orthotics If you’re looking to hit the track or run a mile in your neighborhood, Upstep’s running insoles are your best bet. Designed using top-quality materials, Upstep orthotics for running aid efficient energy transfer, shock absorption, and pain relief, while also reducing the risk of injury. » Read our Running Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Normal Everyday Activity Normal Everyday Activity Custom Orthotics If you need to wear insoles with your footwear for a few hours every day, Upstep orthotics for normal activity are your best bet. They're customized based on your shoe preferences and designed to guarantee comfort and prevent foot pain. Consequently, these insoles prevent long-term injury to your feet. » Read our Normal Everyday Activity Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Supination Supination Custom Orthotics With supination, your feet and ankle roll outwards onto the outer edge of your foot. Upstep orthotics for supination provide the necessary stability to keep your foot aligned as well as arch support where abnormally high arches cause supination. Beyond these, Upstep supination orthotics help with shock absorption, limiting pressure on any one part of your foot. » Read our Supination Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Foot Pain On My Feet All Day Custom Orthotics Upstep orthotics for foot pain use different material combinations depending on the cause of your foot pain. Generally, they're well cushioned to redistribute pressure away from painful areas of your foot. Also, they're durable, comfortable, and work well with different types of footwear. » Read our On My Feet All Day Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for High Arches High Arches Custom Orthotics Orthotics for high arches have a high arch height that supports all parts of your foot arch. While these orthotics don't address the cause of high arches, they relieve excess pressure on the ball and heel of your foot and distribute body weight evenly. They also provide stability and shock absorption to your foot. » Read our Arch Support Custom Orthotics review Orthotics for Pronation Pronation Custom Orthotics While pronation is normal to a degree, overpronation isn’t and needs correction with a custom orthotic. Overpronation is a leading cause of arch pain, and Upstep insoles address this by preventing the inward roll of your foot and reducing strain on your ankles. Moreso, Upstep insoles ensure the neutral alignment of your feet and the rest of the kinematic chain. Orthotics for Metatarsalgia Metatarsalgia Custom Orthotics From work to sporting activities, Upstep orthotics for metatarsalgia have significant shock absorption capabilities, reducing the tension transmitted through your feet, as well as redistribution functions to relieve pressure from painful areas in your feet. These insoles are made of rigid but cushioned materials to address foot pain. Orthotics for Achilles Tendon Achilles Tendon Custom Orthotics Upstep Achilles Tendon orthotics are made from top-quality materials using the most advanced technology. They act as heel lifts, shortening the tendon and reducing pressure during walking or running. This limits pain and irritation in the tendon and promotes its healing. Orthotics for Basketball Basketball Custom Orthotics Upstep’s basketball insoles are lightweight, moisture-absorbing, and comfortable—designed to fit your foot and maximize energy return while you play basketball. Depending on your shoe needs, they can come in low-, medium-, or high-top sizes. Orthotics for Tennis Tennis Custom Orthotics Orthotics for tennis provide added advantage if you want to play tennis like Alcaraz or Nadal. Made from EVA foam, these insoles are extremely durable, moisture absorbent, and capable of improving your dynamic range. They're suitable for grass and hardcourt-specific tennis shoes, ensuring your feet remain stable while you play. Use It or Lose It With all FSA savings due for forfeiture at the end of the calendar year, it stands to reason that you should use yours. As you may have noticed from the list above, Upstep’s custom orthotics aren’t just for those with foot conditions. They're also for those looking to improve everyday comfort and support their feet as they perform sports or their daily activities. Upstep's procedure is convenient and easy, allowing you to create your impressions at home and receive orthotics that are tailored just for you. Coupled with their FSA eligibility, you don't have to look any further for custom orthotics. » Still unsure whether custom orthotics are for you? Visit Upstep's website for more information
5 Best Insoles to Wear While Squatting to Aid in Heel Elevation
Orthotics5 Best Insoles to Wear While Squatting to Aid in Heel ElevationSquatting is a popular exercise for anyone looking to keep fit. It targets several muscle groups at the same time, including the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and core abdominal muscles. As simple as it may seem, squats can cause injury when not performed properly. If you're going to start a routine that includes squatting, but remain unsure about where to begin, getting the right shoes is a good start. However, beyond what a shoe can do, the right insole can improve your squats by aiding heel elevation, boosting stability, and improving your range of movement. Below we’ve compiled a list of the best five insoles to wear while squatting to aid heel elevation. Gym Custom Orthotics 1. Upstep A personal, tailor-made, long-term solution for your feet Custom made Based on your unique foot shape to address your foot needs Indoor workouts Zumba, Step, Circuit, TRX, CrossFit, Weightlifting, and more Versatile Works with any athletic footwear Made from durable materials Provides comfort and support Extended return policy 180-day money-back guarantee with free adjustments Designed by podiatrists with years of experience, Gym Custom Orthotics are ideal for those looking to perform indoor workouts. Using durable materials that caress every inch of your feet, these custom insoles help to improve stability, reduce pain, and protect you from injuries throughout your workout—making them ideal for squatting to aid heel elevation. A moisture-absorbent top layer also helps to reduce any odor. Upstep insoles are affordable, being eligible for both FSA and HSA, and come with a 180-day money-back guarantee, including free adjustments. Ramble Insoles 2. Tread Labs Full length, firm, flexible support for your feet Extra arch support Choose from 4 arch heights for the best fit Replaceable top cover Keep your insoles for the long term Prevents odor Made from 100% recycled antimicrobial polyester fabric Million mile guarantee Easily replace your insoles if they crack or lose their shape Tread Labs Ramble Insoles are flexible yet supportive. Designed for shoes with full-length, removable inserts, these insoles keep your foot neutrally aligned and in a proper weight-bearing position, making them ideal during squatting. Tread Labs Ramble Insoles have a 2-part system that includes an arch support and a top cover that can be replaced if it wears out. The top covers are made from polyurethane foam and 100% recycled polyester fabric, making them resilient. They're also treated for microbes to reduce foot odor. When you first start using the Ramble Insoles, the support may feel excessive, but you’ll get used to the feeling within a week or two. A drawback of the Ramble Insoles is that they're not custom-made. Instead, they're available in four specific arch heights (low, medium, high, and extra high), possibly making their support less than ideal. Performance Wide Medium Insoles 3. SOLE For sustainable, shock-absorbing comfort every day Naturally wide toebox Provides more comfort and stability Improves balance Distributes weight evenly over your foot Deep heel cup Helps prevent lateral movement Reasonable return policy 90 day return policy SOLE Performance Wide Medium Insoles are affordable and made from recycled wine corks, offering you a cushioned footbed that absorbs shock, provides comfort, and protects your feet during weight-bearing. These insoles have a deep heel cup that prevents lateral ankle bone movement during squatting and a solid arch support that keeps the heel elevated. Unlike custom orthotics, SOLE Performance Wide Medium Insoles are not tailored to your foot size, but are heat and wear moldable, thereby possibly giving you a less-than-ideal fit. You can return them within 90 days of purchase and get a replacement if you're dissatisfied with your purchase. M-100 Insoles 4. Protalus Give your feet full volume, maximum support Maximum support Insole sides come up higher on the sides of your feet Rebound foam Increases your mobility Anti-slip ridges Insoles won't slip inside of your shoes Reasonable return policy 90-day return guarantee The Protalus M-100 Insoles feature a Tri-Planar Alignment System that improves body alignment and functioning. The high arch support keeps your foot arch up and reduces pressure, while the rebound foam and anti-slip ridges provide mobility and additional stability. Protalus M-100 insoles have a semi-custom fit and come in a range of sizes to pick from. The fit may therefore not be perfect and require some trimming. However, these insoles have a 90-day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. Orange Insoles 5. Superfeet Protection for your feet from high-impact punishment High-impact foam forefoot Provides additional shock absorption Heel cup and stabilizer cup Increases structure and stability Odor control Organic top coat prevents odor Durable Guaranteed to keep shape until the first 12 months or 500 miles Superfeet Orange Insoles are specifically designed to cater to the needs of persons involved in high-impact activities. These insoles have a deep heel cup and an additional stabilizer cup that positions and stabilizes the heel. A high-impact foam forefoot provides extra support and shock absorption, which is especially useful during squats. Superfeet Orange Insoles are affordable and durable, guaranteed to maintain their shape, comfort, and support for the first 12 months or 500 miles (whichever comes first). Finally, the natural top coating controls bacteria and therefore odor. However, while these insoles are available in a variety of sizes, they aren't tailored to your feet and may require trimming. You may possibly not obtain the perfect fit and support. Choose Wisely Elevating your heels during squats will increase the depth of your squat and help transfer force to your quadriceps. With a proper insole, you'll not only improve your squat but you’ll also keep the ankle in a neutral position, preventing injury. Orthotics provide the necessary support for your arch, cushion the feet, and aid shock absorption. Of these, custom orthotics yield the best results. Based on your feet and your needs, custom orthotics will support your unique foot shape in a way other orthotics can't. » Want to see more custom orthotics? Browse Upstep's custom orthotics range

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