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Do Orthotic Insoles Help With Knee Pain

Learn about the effectiveness of using orthotic insoles to help with knee pain, the best ones to get, and when you should see a doctor.

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
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Updated March 28, 2023.

Many people live with some degree of knee pain. Some even say that it is inescapable as you succumb to aging. While that may be the case with degenerative conditions like arthritis, knee pain could be a symptom of multiple conditions that won't necessarily affect everyone.

Regardless, these varied causes require different treatment approaches for pain relief.

Can Orthotics Help Knee Pain?

Orthotics for knee pain can provide significant relief depending on the root cause of the condition. Along with strengthening exercises, they can help with shock absorption, cushioning your feet and heels, and alignment of your foot and ankle. Studies have found that people with knee pain due to certain conditions reported notable pain relief after wearing orthotics.

This means that not every instance of knee pain can be relieved by using orthotics. One such condition that may not result in pain relief is the use of orthotics for arthritis in the knees.

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Best Insoles for Knee Pain Relief

While there are no one-size-fits-all foot orthoses for knee pain, the best insoles for pain relief will have the following features:

  • Good thickness The thicker the insole, the more the padding on your feet for better shock absorption. Thick insoles also provide arch support that helps with supination.
  • High-density foam These foams take on the shape of the foot and are ideal for wearing in. It is usually lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear.
  • Deep heel cups With a thick insole, a deep heel cup allows you to pronate appropriately. It also supports you maximally while also protecting your kneecaps.

Interestingly enough, there appear to be no side effects from wearing orthotics. Thus, it's a win-win if you use orthotics to reduce knee pain.

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When Should You See a Doctor for Knee Pain?

Though common, knee pain must never be taken lightly. Seek immediate medical attention if the pain is intense, which comes with associated functional limitation, a popping sound, and swelling. If it results from a forced impact and comes with inflammatory signs, book an appointment with your doctor.

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4.5/5(2,444 reviews)