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5 Best Insoles for Golf Shoes to Aid With Your Lower Back Pain

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By Janik Sundstrom
Michelle Meyer - Editor for Upstep
Reviewed by Michelle Meyer

Updated June 23, 2023.

An elderly man presses his first against his lower back, while standing on a golfing green.

The stress placed on your feet and body during golf leads many to develop lower back pain, especially because of the long hours golfers spend standing and walking. Often their golf shoes may not be supportive and comfortable enough to be worn for the hours it requires to play a round of golf.

The introduction of insoles into your golf shoes will help to support your feet, improve your posture for a stable swing, and aid in limiting pronation. By restoring normal foot mechanics, the insoles will prevent foot fatigue and reduce the strain placed on the rest of your body, specifically your lower back.

Top 5 Golf Shoes Insoles for Lower Back Pain Relief

  • Best Overall Insoles for Golf Shoes: Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics
  • Best Low-Volume Insoles: Protalus ET-75
  • Best Comfort Insoles: SOLE Active Medium
  • Best Arch Support Insoles: Tread Labs Ramble Thin
  • Best High-Density Foam Insoles: Superfeet Blue

1. Best Overall Insoles for Golf Shoes

Five custom orthotics in display on boxes


  • Custom-made
  • Reduces foot fatigue and pressure
  • Affordable
  • FSA and HSA eligible
  • 180-day money-back guarantee


  • Short waiting period before receiving insoles

Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics are specifically and professionally designed to stabilize your feet while you swing and support them as you walk around the course. Discomfort is lessened by reducing foot fatigue and side-specific forces that place pressure on your feet.

These insoles take into account whether you're left- or right-handed, knowing the unique stresses golf places on each foot.

Upstep Golf Custom Orthotics are affordable and payable with an FSA or HSA card. Alternatively, you can make interest-free installments via Klarna. Enjoy a 180-day money-back guarantee while you can order insoles and cast your foot molds in the comfort of your home.

Golf Custom Orthotics

4.5/5(4,371 reviews)

2. Best Low-Volume Insoles

Black insoles on display from Protalus


  • Suited for low-volume shoes
  • Affordable


  • Not custom-made
  • Not specifically suited for golf

The Protalus ET-75 Insoles are ideal for low-volume shoes with non-removable factory insoles and provide comfort, pressure reduction, and support to your feet as you walk. While not designed for golf specifically, these over-the-counter orthotics are an affordable option for your everyday and sporting needs.

However, because these insoles are not custom-made, they may not provide the perfect fit.

3. Best Comfort Insoles

Red insoles on display from SOLE


  • Suited for medium-fitting footwear
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • Available sizes may not provide sufficient support

SOLE Active Medium Insoles are designed for medium-fitting footwear like running shoes, casual sneakers, golf shoes, medium-fitting boots, and more, making these insoles versatile. These insoles aim to prevent strain on the plantar fascia, improve comfort, and increase balance.

SOLE Active Medium Insoles are affordable and come in various sizes. However, the available sizes may not necessarily provide the best support for your feet.

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4. Best Arch Support Insoles

Tread Labs Ramble Signature Thin insoles


  • Firm and flexible support
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Predetermined arch heights
  • May not receive necessary support from available choices

Tread Labs Ramble Thin Insoles are both firm and flexible within your shoes. These insoles boast improved comfort based on the materials used to manufacture the insoles, and aim to support your foot arch.

However, these insoles only come in four different arch heights, leaving the choice up to the customer. You may possibly not receive the support you need from the available arch heights.

5. Best High-Density Foam Insoles

Front and back of blue insoles from Superfeet on display


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Not custom-made
  • Not specifically designed for golfers

Superfeet Blue Insoles are long-lasting insoles designed for various shoe types and sizes. The insoles are an affordable and effective way to provide support and improve comfort to your feet. The insoles are created with high-density foam to provide a cushioning heel cup and medium arch support.

Superfeet Blue Insoles provide good overall support, but are not specifically designed for golf shoes or to address the needs of golfers.

Take Your Best Swing With Custom Orthotics

The benefits of orthotics for golfers are numerous: improving your swing and posture, addressing lower back pain, reducing foot fatigue, etc. However, to get the most out of these benefits, we recommend investing in custom orthotics. They will directly address your needs and take your activities and lifestyle into consideration, providing you with a long-term solution to managing aspects such as lower back pain.

Golf Custom Orthotics

4.5/5(4,371 reviews)

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