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7 Best Orthotics to Aid With Your Lower Back Pain

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Michelle Meyer - Editor for Upstep
Edited by Michelle Meyer

Updated June 23, 2023.

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Lower back pain is a leading cause of pain globally. In America, as many as 8% of adults have chronic back pain that limits their daily activities. While there are several treatment methods, one—as yet underused—approach to managing lower back pain is the use of orthotics.

The question is: which orthotics are the best for managing lower back pain? We have answered that question for you by gathering data and narrowing down the best choices.

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Our Top 7 Picks for Orthotics to Support Lower Back Pain

  • Overall Best: Upstep On My Feet All Day Custom Orthotics
  • Best for Roomy-Fitting Athletic Footwear: Superfeet Flexmax Insoles
  • Best for Boots and Wider Shoes: Protalus M-100 Elite Insoles
  • Best for Shoes With Removable Inserts: Tread Labs Ramble Insoles
  • Best for Improving Foot Alignment: SOLE Active Thick Insoles
  • Best for Everyday Shoes: FitMyFoot Full-Length Insoles
  • Best for Improving Overall Foot Health: URthotics Comfort+ Insoles

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1. Upstep On My Feet All Day Custom Orthotics

Upstep's On My Feet All Day shoe orthotics shown from a side.


  • Custom-made by top podiatrists
  • Provide maximum support for feet and arches
  • Reduce discomfort from prolonged standing/walking
  • Proven to aid with lower back pain
  • Eligible for FSA, HSA, and Klarnapay installments
  • 180-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Short waiting period before receiving orthotics

Stress is a leading cause of lower back pain, and people who stand for prolonged periods have a higher risk of developing it. Upstep On My Feet All Day custom orthotics address this directly.

Made with durable polypropylene shells and well-cushioned mid-layers, these custom orthotics provide maximum support for your feet and arches. They also reduce foot fatigue and discomfort associated with prolonged standing or walking.

Designed by expert podiatrists, these insoles are durable, cost-effective, insurance-backed, and have a money-back guarantee. They are easily the best orthotics to aid with your lower back pain.

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On My Feet All Day

4.5/5(2,444 reviews)

2. Superfeet Flexmax Insoles

Superfeet FLEXmax Insoles


  • Flexible heel cradle
  • Full-length cushion
  • Breathable forefoot keeps feet cool and dry
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Not custom-made
  • Have to be trimmed to size
  • May take longer to break in

Superfeet FLEXmax insoles are full-length arch support insoles with a flexible heel cradle, a heel-to-toe cushion, and an active Aerospring comfort foam, all in an effort to provide long-lasting comfort for the feet.

Superfeet insoles are affordable and are available in many stores. For an over-the-counter orthotic, these insoles are quite effective. However, they need trimming, making them less than ideal for individual foot differences that may be causing lower back pain.

3. Protalus M-100 Elite Insoles

Grey and orange insoles from Protalus on display


  • Comfortable cushioning and support
  • Deep heel cup
  • Improves alignment of the subtalar joint
  • 90-day guarantee


  • Not custom-made
  • One arch height
  • May feel bulky in some shoes

Beyond just cushioning, Protalus M-100 elite insoles provide firm support to the feet. These insoles have a deep heel cup for heel stabilization and a thick, fat pad beneath the heel bone, guaranteeing maximum cushion and comfort.

By redistributing pressure in the foot this way, Protalus insoles ensure a smooth force transmission through the lumbar spine to the foot and back to the spine. In this way, they help prevent lower back pain.

One major disadvantage of the Protalus is that though it offers a range of sizes, the insoles are available in only one universal arch height. This makes them unfit for all arch types, as foot contouring is necessary for maximal effect.

4. Tread Labs Ramble Insoles

Tread Labs Ramble Signature Thin insoles


  • Thin and light
  • Minimizes foot fatigue
  • Four arch heights to choose from
  • Million-mile guarantee for easy replacement of damaged insoles


  • Not custom-made
  • Not as durable
  • Lack of comfort in the heal

Ramble insoles have a molded plastic arch support that gives firm support to the feet and minimizes foot fatigue. They also align the foot and redistribute pressure on the legs.

Tread Labs Ramble insoles come in various sizes and at least four different arch heights. However, they don't provide a perfect fit like a custom-made insole will.

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5. SOLE Active Thick Insoles

SOLE Active Thick Insoles


  • Thick foam cushioning
  • Polygiene coating for odor control
  • Dynamic arch support
  • 90-day footbed guarantee


  • Not custom-made
  • May not fit all shoes
  • Molded by heat to fit

SOLE Active Thick insoles are used by people with a high arch and those who stand on their feet all day. They're full-length, semi-rigid arch support insoles that can be molded by heat or worn to fit the foot shape.

While they are cost-effective, SOLE Active thick insoles work best with loose-fitting shoes, limiting how you can use them and with what shoes.

6. FitMyFoot Full-Length Insoles (Green)

FitMyFoot Pine Green Insoles on display at an angle


  • Shock-absorbing heel cushion
  • Dynamic arch support
  • Moisture-wicking breathable fabric
  • 30 days return policy


  • Not custom-made
  • May take time to adjust
  • Narrower at the front and may not fit all shoes
  • Foot may slide due to smooth covering

FitMyFoot Insoles are designed to improve body alignment, relieve foot pain, and make your shoes fit better. Consequently, they make a good choice of orthotics to deal with lower back pain.

Its features include a shock-absorbing heel cushion, a long-lasting premium footbed, dynamic arch support, and proper padding. These all combine to improve foot comfort and reduce foot fatigue, invariably protecting the back.

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7. URthotics Comfort+ Insoles

URthotics Comfort Plus insoles


  • Custom made
  • Triple-layered top cover
  • Maximum shock absorption
  • FSA and HSA eligible
  • Six months money-back guarantee


  • No interest-free installments
  • Complicated paperwork
  • Short waiting period before receiving orthotics

URThotics have a triple layer cover and a custom arch support designed to fit the foot contours and provide maximum shock absorption and stability control during motion. These features guarantee comfort, durability, and protection for the feet, preventing the feet from contributing to any back pain.

Should you choose to get a URthotics Comfort+ insole, it takes between 14-21 business days, which means you will have to wait.

Optimal Comfort & Support for Lower Back Pain

If you're in the market for good foot support and long-term durability that will also help you manage lower back pain, custom orthotics are your best option. Because they're molded to your feet and needs specifically, they’re the perfect support system and will provide you with optimal comfort.

On My Feet All Day

4.5/5(2,444 reviews)