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Should You Put Orthotic Insoles Into Your Gym Shoes?

Just received a pair of insoles, or recovering from an injury with the use of custom orthotics, and want to know if you should wear them in your gym shoes?

By Avik Das
Joel Taylor
Reviewed by Joel Taylor

Updated March 31, 2023.

While it is not absolutely necessary, putting orthotic insoles in your weightlifting shoes can enhance your weightlifting performance. Well-made orthotic insoles create a notable impact.

How Does Your Insole Affect Your Weightlifting Performance?

A weightlifter can benefit from wearing insoles as a lot of factors play roles in the gym to balance out a perfect workout. Similar to using weightlifting belts, using orthotic insoles in your gym shoes can do wonders. They would help you control your balance and distribute the weight pressure properly in your body. You should be keeping a better balance whether training with free weights or using machine weights.

Insoles would also make sure that your joints are protected. Moreover, you would see significant improvement in your weightlifting performance while training in the gym.

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A Final Thought

If you don't already own a pair of orthotics or insoles and don't have any prevalent foot conditions, or if your workouts are going fine and not creating any issues along the lines of pain or excessive discomfort and fatigue, then purchasing a pair of orthotics might not be necessary.

If you can afford the extra cash and want to give yourself some extra support and stability, then absolutely go for it, but don't feel like you will be held back without them. Additionally, make sure that the insoles you do purchase are right for your feet as poorly made insoles or orthotics designed for specific conditions that you don't have will force your muscles to operate in a certain way that could damage your progress and create issues in the long run.