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Would Orthotics Help With Arthritis in My Toes?

Orthotics claim to treat a number of conditions, but how effective are they at treating arthritis in your toes?

By Petal Mashraki
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published July 8, 2021.

Orthotics can help reduce foot pain caused by arthritis. They can make it easier to live with arthritis, but orthotics won't cure the condition. However, they can provide your arthritic toes with the shock absorption and cushioning they need to reduce pain.

The best insoles for arthritic feet are custom orthotics made to your personal requirements.

Custom Orthotics for Arthritic Toes

In addition to relieving pain from arthritic toes, custom orthotics may make long-term biomechanical changes that could slow or even prevent the progression of arthritis. These inserts can redistribute weight, thus reducing pressure on your arthritic toes.

Custom orthotics may restore natural alignment, and relieve stress on the knees, back, and ankles. With proper arch support, custom inserts can correct gait issues, and this can offer relief to arthritic toes that have been carrying misplaced weight.

Will Orthotics Help Arthritic Toes?

Standardized, over-the-counter insoles probably won't help arthritic toes, as they are not designed for your particular feet and their unique issues. But custom orthotics could improve many foot issues that arise from having arthritic toes.

You need to be patient as it can take time to adjust, but wearing custom orthotics will most likely reduce pain and help you live more comfortably with arthritic toes.