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Benefits of Wearing Arch Supports for Your Feet and Ankles

Babafemi Adebajo
By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
Reviewed by Joel Taylor

Updated December 8, 2022.

Benefits of Wearing Arch Supports for Your Feet and Ankles

As our environments evolve, so have our feet. The result is more stress on less functional feet, leading to pain and discomfort. Using arch supports can help forestall this and provide more comfort for your feet.

Let’s consider what arch support is and the benefits it can offer, especially for supination and running.

What Is an Arch Support?

Put simply, an arch support orthotic is a type of insole that fits into your shoe and changes the way your foot operates. Whereas most regular shoes have replaced functionality with style and opted for flat soles, arch support insoles have extra padding where your arches will be. Thus an arch support goes into your shoe where your arch should naturally be.

Why Do We Need Arch Support?

Different people need arch support for different reasons. Generally, arch supports can help keep your body neutrally aligned, while for athletes, they reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Arch support can help people with high or low arches, flat feet, or that stand on their feet for long periods of time to maintain optimal comfort, relieve pain, and redistribute stress. A podiatrist can counsel you on why you need arch support.

Benefits of Arch Support for Supination

With supination, the ankles roll too far inward, causing flat feet. Supination places extra stress on the kinematic chain and leads to pain in all those regions.

With insoles for supination, you enjoy pain relief, foot support, and cushioning. These insoles also redistribute pressure in your feet, eliminating primary pressure points on the heel and ball of your foot. Consequently, this leads to a quicker resolution of the supination problems.

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Benefits of Arch Support for Running

Arch supports can reduce the risk of injury in runners. Without orthotics, runners are more likely to sustain various injuries, including tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, shin splints, and heel, knee, and lower back pain.

With running orthotics, your foot is well supported. This limits abnormal pronation, prevents arch collapse, aids shock absorption, and reduces the possibility of overloading your feet, legs, knees, and lower back.

Moreso, it will minimize the uneven wear pattern associated with running shoes.

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