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Why Do Your Heels Hurt?

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By Upstep Staff
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Published December 20, 2021.

pain in the heel from walking or running

Heels Aching?

They seem so innocent, sitting there at the back of our feet. But our heels take on a lot of stress as we stand, walk or run. And that also means they're prone to pain and injury.

Do Your Heels Hurt?

Are you getting sharp pain when you try to stand or walk? Does it go away when you start moving but come back after you've been resting again?

This means you may have plantar fasciitis - a fancy Latin word for an inflammation of the fibers running from your heel to your toes. It's one of the most common causes of heel pain, and like millions of other Americans, you can have it for months before you start feeling pain.

Why Does it Happen?

Your plantar fascia - those fibers we mentioned earlier - absorbs shock while you walk. If it's not getting enough support from proper shoes, or if you don't allow your feet to rest, small tears start forming. The more stress you apply, the more likely those tears are to inflame and become painful.

What Can You Do?

Making sure your feet are supported is the first - and the most important - way to heal your heel. Support takes the pressure and stress off your plantar fascia. Your heels rest, but you can still stand, walk and move around. Orthotics, especially custom ones, are ideal for this as they fit the exact shape of your feet and spread the load much better.

There are also exercises you can do to stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments around your heel. When they're stronger, they can take some of the load off your plantar fascia and prevent further damage.

Whichever way you choose to go, know that dealing with plantar fasciitis takes patience. Full recovery can take 3-12 months, depending on the severity and what you do to minimize further damage.

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