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How to Stop Your Feet From Burning at Night

You may need to employ any number of methods to stop your feet from burning at night. Find out about the best ones here, as well as the causes and symptoms of burning feet.

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published December 28, 2021.

Nothing is exciting about having a burning sensation in your feet. Unfortunately, that's what you get with burning feet (Grierson-Gopalan) syndrome. Alongside enough discomfort and pain to keep you from sleeping well at night, burning feet generally decreases your quality of life and makes it difficult to carry out your daily tasks with the energy you need.

Symptoms of Burning Feet Syndrome

Generally, burning feet is characterized by severe aching and burning sensation in the feet as well as a sharp stabbing pain that is often worse at night. There can also be feelings of numbness and heaviness in the feet, skin redness, a prickling or tingling sensation, or hot and itchy feet.

Treatment of Burning Feet Syndrome

There are various ways to alleviate the symptoms of burning feet syndrome, such as:

  • A pharmacological approach This will involve using some over-the-counter medicines for burning feet, which could include analgesics (pain meds), anti-depressants, anti-fungal, anti-seizure drugs, anticonvulsants, nutritional supplements, or a combination of several, depending on the cause of the condition.
  • Self-care This includes avoiding extremely hot or cold weather and soaking your feet in warm water.
  • Suitable footwear Proper fitting shoes can also help manage the burning sensation, as well as custom orthotics from Upstep that will provide a cushioning effect to the feet.

Causes of Burning Feet Syndrome

Understanding the causes of burning feet syndrome may help you prevent it from occurring in the future. In short, the burning sensation in your feet is caused by nerve dysfunction. This commonly occurs as a result of several medical conditions, including:

  • Metabolic disorders (hypothyroidism and diabetes)
  • Vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • Infection (Athlete's foot)
  • Stress
  • Tight-fitting shoes
  • Nerve damage due to illness or trauma.