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At Which Level of Severity of Flat Feet Do You Need Orthotics?

Flat feet can usually be treated with a pair of custom orthotics, but at what level of severity do you need to get the problem treated? Read this to find out.

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
Taj Schlebusch
Reviewed by Taj Schlebusch

Updated February 17, 2023.

Having flat feet could lead to a number of other conditions, such as shin splints, overpronation, and lower back pain, among many others. A large number of possible secondary conditions make it difficult to discern what exact level of severity of flat feet needs to be treated. Still, there are some things you should keep in mind when deciding if you need orthotics for flat feet or not.

Do You Have Flat Feet?

You can perform a simple test to determine if you have flat feet by making a neutral standing footprint with water. A normal footprint should have the heel and ball connected by a trail about half as wide. Anything thicker, and you have some degree of flat feet.

Are You Experiencing Any Discomfort?

This question doesn't just relate to pain in your foot. If you have any discomfort or pain throughout your body, it could be as a result of flat feet. If you have any pain or discomfort and self-examination reveals that you have flat feet, you should get the problem treated as soon as possible as the condition could worsen.

Should You Get Orthotics?

Realistically, only a podiatrist can answer this question. However, if you perform the flat foot test and have any kind of overpronation or flat foot, it could lead to a number of other conditions, and so it's best to get the problem treated as soon as you can.

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