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Can Crocs Ease the Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis?

Supportive footwear can be effective in treating plantar fasciitis. Crocs provide arch support and ease the symptoms of plantar fasciitis in this way.

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
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Updated March 29, 2023.

Crocs have been around since 2002. Regardless of the controversy over its utility, the footwear brand has grown to become a major manufacturer of flip-flops and sandals globally. By all indications, Crocs have come to stay - and for good reason. The lightweight footwear offers as much in its unique style as it does in comfort. They are easy to slip on and are also fully breathable, giving your toes enough room to move around and promoting circulation.

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Do Crocs Have Good Foot Support?

Yes and no.

Crocs have good arch support, however, they do not offer enough heel support. Consequently, this lowers the overall foot support you receive from Crocs. It will leave you trying to grip the shoe with your toes. Invariably, this can lead to different toe conditions, including tendonitis, bunions, hammertoes, and painful corns and callouses.

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Do Crocs Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

Heel pain is a major cause of concern for many people, and plantar fasciitis is a leading cause. There are many plantar fasciitis treatment options. Ice, rest, simple exercises, and maintaining a healthy weight are all beneficial treatments.

In addition to these methods, using supportive footwear and orthotics can be effective for foot pain. This is why Crocs can help in treating plantar fasciitis. Not only do they fit the foot well, but they are also well-cushioned - guaranteeing comfort while walking. Moreover, they have rigid soles that provide firm support to the foot. The rigidity prevents twisting of the foot, which puts strain on the foot and leg. Crocs can also ease the pain of plantar fasciitis by means of reinforced heels. Ligaments in the foot and heel are not stretched or torn during long periods of physical activity.

With this in mind, if your goal is to relieve pain in the heel of the foot, especially due to plantar fasciitis, wearing Crocs is a good choice. High arch Crocs are supportive and orthopedic, which makes them a popular choice for many.

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