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Top 8 Pickleball Accessories to Elevate Your Game

Looking to improve your pickleball performance? Find out how choosing quality accessories can make a significant difference.

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Dorian Rhode
Edited by Dorian Rhode

Published February 13, 2024.

A paddle and ball on the court which is essential amongst other pickleball accessories to enhance your overall performance as a a player

Imagine gliding across the court, effortlessly nailing volleys and unleashing powerful smashes. Sound good?

With the right gear, that dream can become your reality. While talent and practice are key, pickleball accessories are crucial in maximizing your potential and reducing the risk of injuries.

1. Pickleball Insoles

Insoles are the must-have pickleball accessory If you're looking for stability. They support the arch of your foot and prevent you from moving it improperly. Quality ones also cushion you through explosive running and jumping. A customized pair of orthotics also improves your performance with breathability and comfort.

2. Pickleball Gloves

Your hands are also prone to injury during pickleball. Pickleball gloves can help you with grip and control because of their textured surface, and they can also absorb any sweat during the match. If you're ever playing during colder months, pickleball gloves will insulate your hands while still being breathable enough when it's hot or humid.

Note: Pickleball gloves prevent blisters by reducing friction during games.

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3. Pickleball Hat or Visor

Balls move fast across the court in pickleball, and one stray ray of sun can make you miss your shot. Hats and visors shield your eyes and stop the wind from blowing in your face. By reducing these external influences, you'll be more focused and anticipate shots better.

A woman holding a pickleball paddle and wearing a hat accessory.

4. Knee Support

Knee support adds stability and protection while still allowing you that full range of motion. It also helps if you're mildly injured because it can alleviate pain and swelling, allowing you to move more comfortably and confidently on the court.

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5. Paddle Grips

You'll control the paddle better and shoot precisely with a comfortable grip. Improper size or material tenses your hand and forearm, which can cause tendonitis or trigger finger. Think of this pickleball accessory as an extension of your body, working in harmony with your movements.

6. Practice Cones

Cones are a good way to practice footwork and reaction time on the court. They also help with stability and activate muscles during warm-ups. For example, weaving in and out between cones, shuffling sideways, and hopping over them all engage your ankles, knees, and core muscles.

A row of plastic cones pickleball accessories.

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7. Water Bottles or Hydration Packs

Drinking enough fluids sustains your energy during matches and helps you recover faster. It also prevents muscle cramps and helps you stay focused by reducing dehydration-induced fatigue during games or practice.

Water bottles are a convenient way to hold your water or sports drink. Some are made from stainless steel—which keeps the water cool. Others are plastic, with motivational quotes and colors.

8. Pickleball Goggles

Like the visor and hat, pickleball goggles help you see better so you can focus. They often have polarized lenses, which filter out scattered light and enhance sharpness, making it easier to track the fast-moving ball.

A man wearing pickleball goggles as a must-have accessory to shield his eyes from sunlight

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Gear up for Success With Pickleball Accessories

Each of pickleball accessories on this list plays a crucial role in improving your game. You can maximize your potential and enjoy a more fulfilling experience by choosing quality gear tailored to your needs.

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