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6 Best Insoles for Athletes Suffering From Achilles Tendonitis

Janik Sundstrom
By Janik Sundstrom
Michelle Meyer - Editor for Upstep
Reviewed by Michelle Meyer

Updated November 30, 2022.

A woman bent over, with her two hands folded around her right calve.

Achilles tendonitis is a condition where micro-tears in the Achilles’ tendon lead to inflammation and pain. It's generally considered to be caused by placing excessive strain on the tendon—often by doing “too much, too soon” when it comes to exercise.

Orthotics have been widely considered to be a safe and effective way for athletes to manage Achilles tendonitis by improving foot function and optimizing joint movement, load management, and shock absorption.

Below we list and discuss the best insoles for athletes who are suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

1. Upstep | Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics

Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics


  • Custom-made
  • Designed by podiatrists
  • Durable
  • FSA and HSA eligible
  • 180-day money-back guarantee


  • Short waiting period before receiving your orthotics

Upstep’s Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics are custom-made by podiatrists and therefore specifically tailored to the shape and size of your feet, addressing your foot needs. Simply cast your feet with Upstep's impression kit in the comfort of your own home.

Upstep’s Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics are made from durable materials that aim to reduce shock traveling through your foot and subsequently your Achilles’ tendon. Additionally, these custom insoles are affordable as well as FSA and HSA eligible. A 180-day money-back guarantee and free shipping and returns (including adjustments) make these insoles even more attractive.

Multi-Sports Custom Orthotics

4,346 Reviews)

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2. Superfeet | Adapt Run Insoles

Superfeet Adapt Run


  • Light build
  • Flexible
  • Responsive forefoot zone


  • Trimming by the customer may result in an uncomfortable fit

Superfeet Adapt Run Insoles are lightly built, cushioned running orthotics made to feel like they're part of your running shoes. The orthotics are flexible and adapt to the natural movement of your feet for added comfort. A responsive forefoot zone improves energy efficiency, helping to take strain off your Achilles tendon.

However, these insoles are bought over-the-counter and are required to be trimmed down by the customer. This leaves room for error and can result in an uncomfortable fit.

Adapt Run Insoles

216 Reviews)

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3. Tread Labs | Dash Thin Insoles

Tread Labs Dash Insoles


  • Carbon fiber arch support
  • Versatile
  • Improves biomechanics


  • Predetermined arch heights may not provide a perfect fit
  • May receive insufficient support

Tread Labs Dash Thin Insoles are designed for athletes with flat feet and for those that require extra firm support. The insoles are built with a carbon fiber arch support that improves biomechanics and boosts energy return. The insoles can be worn in a host of sporting shoes, from cycling shoes to soccer boots and more.

The insoles come in four arch different heights and require the customer to make an informed decision about which level of arch support will suit their feet the best and provide maximum comfort. However, because these insoles aren't custom-made, you may receive insufficient support if none of the sizes is a perfect fit.

Dash Thin Insoles

80 Reviews)

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4. SOLE | Performance Thin Insoles

Sole Performance Thin Insoles with Metatarsal Pad


  • Eco-friendly
  • Best for slim-fitting shoes
  • Versatile


  • Not custom-made
  • Molding process may result in incorrect fit

SOLE Performance Thin Insoles are made from recycled wine cork and are best suited for slim-fitting shoes to perform everyday and high-performance activities. The insoles aim to distribute weight and pressure equally throughout your entire foot, removing pressure from your Achilles tendon.

The insoles are bought over the counter according to the size of your feet and boast to provide support to any level of arch height. You must heat and mold the insoles to the shape of your feet after purchase. There is a chance that the molding process may cause a less-than-ideal fit.

Performance Thin Insoles

164 Reviews)

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5. Protalus | T-100 Elite Insoles

Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles


  • Suited for standard volume shoes
  • Thinner than the M-100 series
  • Anti-slip ridges
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Universal footbed not customized for the customer

Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles are best suited for standard volume shoes and are thinner than the M-100 series. These insoles aim to provide maximum comfort through sufficient cushioning and also aim to correct your foot alignment to distribute pressure across your foot equally, thereby relieving some stress off your Achilles tendon. The anti-slip ridges ensure the insole remains secure in your shoe and doesn't slip or slide around.

These insoles have a universal footbed and aren't tailored to your specific foot needs. This may influence the support your feet receive.

T-100 Elite Insoles

96 Reviews)

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6. URthotics | Active/Sports Insoles

URthotics Active Sport Insole


  • Custom-made
  • 3D printed
  • FSA and HSA eligible
  • 6-months money-back guarantee


  • Waiting period before receiving your insoles

The URthotics Active/Sports Insoles are custom-made based on molds of your feet. The custom insoles are 3D printed according to the mold and delivered to your door. The insoles include a custom base for stability and motion control, custom arch support to redistribute any weight, and a deep heel cup for pain relief and protection.

These custom insoles are versatile and suitable for many physical activities. Additionally, they're FSA and HSA eligible and come with a 6-months money-back guarantee.

Active/Sports Insoles

218 Reviews)

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Orthotics are an effective, safe, and affordable way fo manage Achilles tendonitis in athletes. However, specifically custom orthotics as treatment for Achilles tendonitis is recommended. Custom orthotics take your unique foot shape and your condition's causes into consideration to provide effective management. If left untreated, your Achilles tendon can start to degenerate, and even rupture or tear. Don't hesitate to invest in a custom orthotics solution that will remain benefinial in the long term.

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