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3 Best Insoles for Standing on Concrete All Day—Podiatrists’ Choice for 2024

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Michelle Meyer - Editor for Upstep
Edited by Michelle Meyer

Updated January 26, 2024.

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Prolonged standing on concrete floors might put the body in harm’s way. A study found that more people reported adverse symptoms when standing on a hard floor, such as a concrete floor reduces natural shock absorption and overpronation of the foot.

While you may have no control over the type of flooring you walk on, you can limit the impact of the flooring on your feet. To reduce the adverse effects of walking on concrete, you can opt for better footwear, stretch regularly, and get off your feet periodically. Perhaps an even more effective way is to get orthotics.

If your feet hurt from standing on concrete all day, check out the 3 best insoles for concrete floors that will significantly reduce pain and discomfort while standing, working, or walking on hard surfaces.

3 Best Insoles for Concrete—Tested & Approved by Top Podiatrists

1. Overall Best for Standing/Walking on Concrete: Upstep On My Feet All Day

2. Best Shock Absorbing for Hard Surfaces: Protalus T-100 ELITE

3. Best High Arch for Hard Surfaces: Superfeet GREEN Insoles

Custom-MadeShock-AbsorbingArch Support
On My Feet All Day
Superfeet GREENXX

What to Look for in Insoles for Standing on Concrete

  • Comfort To guarantee added comfort, the best insoles for standing on concrete are made from gel-like materials that provide added cushioning to the feet, absorbing the impact as you walk from place to place.
  • Support The best insoles for standing all day on concrete are a good fit for the foot and provide maximum arch support as you walk. Thus, they can distribute weight evenly as you walk, reducing the pressure on specific foot areas.
  • Alignment Apart from comfort and support, these insoles will also help you realign your ankle and lower body, controlling the motion of your flat feet while walking on a hard surface.
  • Durability There’s going to be a lot of pressure transmitted through the insole. So, ideally, you want to choose an insole made with durable and quality materials, so that you don’t have to keep changing it.
  • Arch height You do not want an insole that is too high or too low. If the arch height of the insole does not match that of your feet, the effectiveness of the insole reduces.
  • Design Ensure that whatever insole design you opt for will fit into your daily shoes.

1. Upstep On My Feet All Day Custom Orthotics

Upstep On My Feet All Day custom insoles for standing and walking on concrete all day.


  • Custom-made by top podiatrists
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Reduce pressure on the feet
  • Provide good arch support
  • Realign ankles and lower body
  • Comfortable and durable
  • FSA and HSA eligible
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Short waiting period before receiving orthotics

If you are on your feet for more than four hours each day and you are standing, walking, or working on hard surfaces such as concrete, these custom orthotics are an ideal solution for you.

Upstep On My Feet All Day orthotics are the best insoles for working on concrete all day as they are custom-made from durable, quality materials, designed and approved by the best podiatrists. These insoles are specifically made to provide your feet the support they need, absorb shock, reduce pressure on the feet, improve alignment, and provide good arch support.

On My Feet All Day

4.5/5(2,444 reviews)

2. Protalus T-100 ELITE Insoles

Green and grey insoles from Protalus seen from the side and beneath


  • Shock absorbing
  • Improve alignment
  • Minimize impact and provide cushioning
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Not custom-made
  • Possible insufficient support
  • Do not allow the feet to breathe
  • Can be used only if existing insoles are replaced

Protalus T-100 ELITE insoles provide shock absorption when worn on hard surfaces such as concrete. These insoles help improve alignment, provide cushioning, and minimize impact, making them a great choice for all those who are standing for long periods of time.

However, as these insoles are not custom-made, there might be some problems when it comes to sizing, and even trimming them to size.

Another problem is that the type of materials used to make Protalus T-100 ELITE appears non-breathable, causing a bit of discomfort due to sweaty feet. Also, due to their thickness, it is necessary to remove existing insoles to make them fit, or wear them in loose-fitting shoes.

3. Superfeet GREEN

Superfeet Green Insoles


  • Affordable
  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable


  • Not custom-made
  • Less perfect fit
  • Not as durable
  • Might make a squeaky noise
  • Might not support feet with high arches well enough

Superfeet GREEN insoles are a great solution for those who are in need of good arch support and are looking for a more affordable option. These colorful orthotics are comfortable and, thanks to their deep heel cup, provide stability—but they are not custom-made, and this results in a less perfect fit.

If you have specific issues with your feet, or they differ in shape, etc., you understand the importance of wearing custom orthotics to actually meet all your needs and provide absolute comfort, especially if you spend hours standing or walking on hard surfaces.

Who Needs Insoles for Their Shoes?

Everyone needs insoles—that’s a fact. The type of insole may vary, as may the reason, but the need remains the same. If you relate to any of the following, you should definitely be wearing orthotics to help with pain and discomfort.

You wear work boots

Most work boots are often rigid to contribute to the safety of the feet while working. However, rigidity becomes a problem for the foot arch, which needs some flexibility. Over time, this can lead to varying foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Arch supports can give you the support necessary to make it through the day. You will have to consult with a podiatrist, this is how you will know if you need arch support or not.

You are over-weight

As body weight increases, the feet bear more pressure while walking. This can lead to a collapse of the foot arches and a biomechanical challenge as the body tries to accommodate.

You perform high-impact activities

Individuals who participate in high-impact activities like running, hiking, or jumping, subject their feet to more shock than the feet can naturally bear, thus get various benefits from using orthotics. With insoles, some of the shocks generated are absorbed, preserving the foot. Likewise, insoles can improve performance in those who are athletes by increasing energy transfer efficiency.

You stand all-day

If your work requires you to stand for elongated periods daily, there will be extra pressure on your feet. An insole can take off some of the pressure on the foot.

You stand on hard floors

If you walk on a hard floor like concrete regularly, it eliminates the natural shock absorption in your feet, causing your legs to fatigue easily and increasing pain in your feet. With insoles, you can also curtail this.

» Thinking of getting insoles? Browse a variety of custom orthotics to find an ideal solution suited to your needs

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Insoles?

You are better off wearing insoles than you are staying away from them—here’s why:

  • Reduce injury risk Insoles reduce the risk of injury by providing added support, balance, and comfort and improving shock absorption to the feet.
  • To relieve pain Many foot conditions cause significant foot pain that can affect activities of daily living—insoles help relieve the symptoms.
  • To correct deformity Foot deformities like bunions will also benefit from using insoles as they help restore the alignment of the foot.
  • Motion control By maintaining the natural foot alignment while walking or standing, insoles can help control foot motion. For instance, it can limit overpronation when used in treating flat feet.

Ready to step into comfort? Shop the best shoe inserts for standing all day on concrete.

On My Feet All Day

4.5/5(2,444 reviews)