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Can flat feet be a disqualifying factor for military service?

Asked a year ago

Hi, I've always dreamed of serving my country, but I don't want my flat feet to hold me back. I'm curious if it's a disqualifying factor for joining the military. If so, how quickly would I be able to fix my flat feet? Does anyone have experience or know the policy on flat feet and military service? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Anton Richards

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Aysmtptomatic flat feet that do not impede physical function are allowed for military enlistment. Flat feet can be managed conservatively with supportive shoes or custom orhotics to alleviate and prevent pain or discomfort arising in the feet due to physical activities, such as walking or running. This can often be achieved quite quickly and a good long term solution to your flat feet. However, orthotics and supportive shoes will only provide support to the foot while being worn and you may not find the same support when walking barefoot.

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