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Why do arch supports hurt my flat feet?

Asked 2 years ago

I have been recommended arch supports to help my flat feet. However, after a week of wearing them they are really hurting me. Does anybody know what I should do?

Wilbur Osborne

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

When acquiring new orthotics, it usually does take some time for your feet and ankles to adjust to the new support applied to the arches. Alignment of the ankles and lower legs has to adjust to the elevated arch heights maintained by the arch supports.

Attempt to continue to give the a try, allowing more time for your feet and ankles to adjust. If they arch supports continue to further cause pain, it would be helpful to reassess the shape of the supports compared to your foot shape. It may be helpful to re-evaluate the design of the orthotics that you may have. The height of the arch support might be too aggressive for the shape of your feet.

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