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Do arch supports help ankle pain?

Asked 3 years ago

Rodney Wheeler

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

As a waiter, you are probably up on your feet most of the day. This induces excessive pressure and musculature micro-trauma that leads to ankle pain. Firstly, you can choose the proper shoes by determining your foot arch type. It is critical to choose footwear that provides adequate support and comfort: Shoes with firm and deeply padded soles, as well as lacing (or top support) that inhibits movement within the shoes to keep your foot in place, are ideal for flat feet. Shoes with firm, thick soles and great cushioning are required for people with a normal arch. It’s critical not to allow your heel to wobble at the back of the shoe. High arch feet require shoes with more padding to ease the uneven pressure points on your feet. High arch supports are a great way to help your feet absorb impact while standing, walking, or running.

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