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What is the best insole for hammertoe?

Asked 3 years ago

I have abnormal muscle balance in my feet that led to hammertoes in both feet. I have minor flexible flat feet, which I think is probably the reason for my hammertoes, and I was wondering which insoles with good arch supports could cure my flat feet and my hammertoes.

Abel Austin

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

While the arch support cannot cure flat feet and hammertoes, it can significantly alleviate your symptoms. Much more, an insole with arch support will help improve your stability and balance and reduce any pain that may have resulted from the flat feet and hammertoes.

Michael Patrick

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Flat feet are a commonly reported condition affecting the feet reported globally. Therefore, there are many orthotics to choose from to help you manage your flat feet. 

 Importantly, orthotics specifically designed for people with flat feet or overpronation of the foot are the first step. This will stop the arch from collapsing when weight is placed onto the foot, limiting the overpronation of the foot as well as strain placed onto the ankle. The orthotics will distribute the weight through the entirety of the foot, reducing the weight placed onto the forefoot and should slow down the progression of hammer toe formation. The orthotics are likely not to cure it entirely. Stretching the muscles and structures of the underside of the foot and the calf muscle will help put less tension on the toes and thus reduce the tension of hammer toes.

Orthotics cannot cure flat feet but will provide the necessary support for your feet to life a pain-free life. Exercises can, however, be done to strengthen the muscles of the foot to support the arch while walking or running. 

Babafemi Adebajo

Babafemi Adebajo

Saturday, September 17, 2022

The best insoles for hammer toes are custom-made and have cushions where hammertoes rub against the shoe. You should know, however, that getting such an insole will not cure the hammertoe; it will only prevent the deformity from worsening and alleviate any symptoms you may have.

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