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What type of arch support do you need for flat feet?

Asked 2 years ago

I thought it would be simple - buy arch supports for flat feet. It turns out not. I go into the store only to discover that there are different types of arch supports. How do I know which to get?

Hosea Machio

Monday, January 17, 2022

Depends on whether your flat feet are the flexible are the rigid type. When a person with a flexible flatfoot sits or stands on tiptoes, their arches are normal, but when they stand, they collapse. The arch of the foot stays flattened wherever the location of the foot in rigid flatfoot.

Adding firm arch support insoles to your shoes can help with the gait biomechanics and alignment concerns thus correcting flat foot issues. To improve alignment and properly support your feet, I recommend Upstep insoles that seem to have more firm and flexible support. However, not all flat foot victims can use the firm type orthotics. Some of us have flat feet with wobbly ankles that impact the associated tissues differently. But no need to worry. Upstep, has specialists that make the process of selection hustle-free. As I have said before, if my overly critical granny likes it, then its probably very high quality. Give Upstep a shot; you will be well ASAP!

It’s vital to follow your podiatrist’s guidelines for wearing orthotics. If you don’t wear them as directed, you risk aggravating any muscle or tendon issues. Your healing may backtrack leading to initial symptoms returning. Back, calf, ankle, or elbow pain are some of the other possible issues that may arise due to neglecting orthotics.

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