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Types of Insoles for Flat Feet: Which Is Best for You?

Depending on the type of flat feet you have, there are different types of insoles that will prove effective in managing the symptoms. Find out more in this post

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated February 16, 2023.

There are many natural treatments and conservative approaches to the treatment of flat feet, one of which is the use of custom orthotics. Before deciding on what type of custom orthotic is best for you, it's essential to first determine your particular type of flat feet. There are two types of flat feet: flexible flat feet and rigid flat feet.

Interestingly, the arches of an individual with flexible flat feet are normal when they are in a sitting position or on their tiptoes but flatten out when they stand. Meanwhile, for those with rigid flat feet, the arches of their feet remain that way regardless of their position.

It's essential that you choose an insole that will offer just the exact amount of support, structure, and flexibility.

Insoles for flat feet are designed in a way that will support the arch and help stabilize the foot. Upstep's custom orthotics fit the profile depending on the exact type of flat feet.

Best Insoles for Flexible Flat Feet

For people with flexible flat feet, you'll need medium or well-pronounced arch insoles. Our Normal Everyday Activity insole is perfect in this regard.

If you are younger, it may be more beneficial for you to opt for a more aggressive correction.

Best Insoles for Rigid Flat Feet

If your feet are always flat regardless of whether you're standing or sitting, you have rigid flat feet. For those in this category, it might be in your best interest to go for low arch insoles.

For older folks with rigid flat feet, you may benefit better from softer, more cushioned, and less aggressive correction. On My Feet All Day is an ideal custom orthotic for people with this kind of flat foot.