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Can flat feet contribute to other foot or leg problems?

Asked a year ago

Hi, I have recently been told that I have flat feet, likely due to me being overweight and inactive, and I am wondering if it could lead to other foot or leg problems. I have been experiencing some pain and discomfort in my feet and ankles, and I am worried that it could be caused by my flat feet. Can having flat feet contribute to other issues, and what can I do to prevent any potential problems? I would be grateful for any information or advice on this topic.

Abel Austin

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

With the arch height seen in those with flat feet, the ankle rolls in wards (pronation) placing strain on the structures that surround the ankle joint and are responsible for its integrity and function. Providing the arch with support in the form of supportive arch support or custom orthotics can be extremely beneficial to reducing the amount of pronation seen in the feet, thus taking strain of the structures in the lower leg. Further, a reduction of weight will be beneficial and helpful in not aggravating your symptoms further.

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