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How Long Should It Take for Custom Orthotic Insoles to Give Relief?

Many people experience discomfort when using new custom orthotics, but how long should you wait before you experience relief or need to get the readjusted?

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
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Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published July 31, 2021.

Custom orthotics are designed to reshape your feet and force them to work the way they should, which can be uncomfortable at first. Depending on the condition that you intend to treat, it might take some before you are accustomed enough to wear them full time.

Although everyone will be different, here are some guidelines that should help ease your mind:

Accept the Break-In Period

Since orthotics will make your feet operate in a totally new way, you should start off small and allow them time to get used to it. Many experts recommend wearing them around 2 to 3 times the first day for about 30 minutes each. Your feet will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable or tired after this, and so be sure to let them rest for a few hours in between.

Try and increase the time spent wearing them by 15-30 minutes each time until you can wear them all day for every activity.

In total, this process shouldn't take longer than a month.

Custom Orthotics Should Not Make the Problem Worse

It is important to note that podiatrists are people, and people make mistakes. Sometimes the orthotics aren't made correctly, or the condition was incorrectly diagnosed. If you go through the break-in period and still experience discomfort, pain, or notice that the condition has gotten worse, then consult your podiatrist immediately to have your orthotics readjusted.

In Conclusion

If you experience discomfort during the first few weeks of wearing new custom orthotics, then you're not alone. You have to accept that the treatment of many conditions with orthotics is a long-term process that will take time to adjust and fine-tune to your specific needs.