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What needs to be the features of an old boot to put an insole in it (e.g. low heel, firm support, spacious toe box)?

Asked 3 years ago

Have been reading this page carefully and went out today to try to buy some vionic boots or similar as I am so tired of wearing my special deep trainers everywhere, and no big improvement wearing them anyway. Only one shop in our country's largest city, Auckland, stocks them. And those aren't in my size. I am wondering whether to take some of my old boots in to try out with an insole. Has anyone had success with that?

Willie Peterson

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Insoles can certainly help you solve issues in the feet. But you just can't go to the shop and buy random insoles. The right features for old shoes should be a perfect size, the material and the design according to your feet condition. Under the supervision of an expert, it is better to buy perfectly sized new or custom insoles, Quality custom insoles can be more effective in general.

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