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Experiencing sharp pain in my pinky toe?

Asked 3 years ago

Everyone always tells me I have weird pinky toes because they don't face forward and lay on their sides instead. I've always laughed it off, but recently I've been experiencing sharp pain in my pinky toe that I can't explain. I haven't stubbed it or anything, the pain is very out of the blue. Could it be due to the way my toe lies?

Hosea Machio

Saturday, October 09, 2021

My brother has Tailor's bunion and had the same weird pinky toes. The doctor said it's D rotational arthroscopy of the 5th metatarsal so it's sort of like a hammer toe but not really because the toe goes out to the side. It's my belief that this happens more frequently as we get older since it has something to do with a tendon and/or ankle. We got him custom orthotics that are helping in correcting the deformity. If it painful, consider custom orthotics.

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