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Types of shoes to avoid turf toe injury.

Asked a year ago

Hi everyone, was just wondering if there are certain types of shoes I can wear to avoid picking up a turf toe injury? Currently I mainly wear running shoes everywhere I go but am open to changing things up if it will help.

Stacey Lowery

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Making use of shoes, when you can, with rigid soles, when carrying out daily activities or playing sport can reduce the strain placed on the plantar aspect of the foot. Flexible shoes are known to increase the likelihood of developing turf toe injuries and should ideally be avoided when playing sports or running. Using sandals or slippers with arch support has been shown to be beneficial in preventing or worsening your turf toe when not partaking in sporting activities. When you can, wearing these open toed shoes will help reduce the strain placed onto the plantar aspect of the foot, while supporting the foot with adequate arch support.

Other alternatives to turf toe injuries include taping the toes together to stabilize the toe and foot within the shoe. Should pain from a turf toe injury arise, resting and applying ice to the painful region will effectively reduce your symptoms and aid with healing.

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