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What are the best orthotics and insole for big toes and flat feet?

Asked 3 years ago

My heels and big toes feel like they could fall off at work. Is it possible to permanently fix my flat feet with orthotics and arch supports?

Ashly Decker

Monday, June 28, 2021

Orthotics specifically created for your feet could help relieve the pain of flat feet, and even improve them. Upstep's insoles can give big toe joints the support they need, decreasing pressure on them and help avoid pain. Over-the-counter arch supports could make the situation worse as they aren't made for the contours of your feet, so stick with custom-made orthotics and insoles.

Shawn Reynolds

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The big toe and flat feel can be hazardous in day to day life. If you walk barefoot with flat feet, it can be painful. But custom made orthotics can give much needed relief, which gives the arch support in a flat foot. Over time, the custom-built orthotics can significantly improve the condition, but you just need to be patient to attain the desired result.

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