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How do you shrink a plantar fibroma?

Asked 3 years ago

I got plantar fibroma in my foot, and it's so painful! I just wish it was gone. So I'm on a mission to do anything and everything I can to make it and the pain go away. Can I shrink it? If so, how? Thanks!

Young Rivas

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, physical therapy, and orthotic inserts for footwear are all non-invasive treatment options for plantar fibroma. Although these methods will not completely eliminate fibroma, they will help to shrink it and relieve pressure on the affected area.

There are no specific strategies to prevent plantar fibromas because doctors don’t know what causes them (although it is assumed to be genetic). Do strengthening and stretching exercises as directed by your Physiotherapist. Wearing well-fitting shoes with orthotics that provide appropriate overall support to your foot, on the other hand, is always beneficial for optimal foot health.

Topical gels application and getting an injection of steroid drugs into the mass can reduce pain and inflammation, which may allow people to stand and walk with greater ease.

If these approaches fail to relieve discomfort, the podiatrist may suggest surgery. Surgery may be necessary in some cases, particularly if a fibrous mass continues to grow in size or causes increasing pain and discomfort. Surgical removal of a fibroma, however, can increase the risk of other foot conditions developing, these could include flat foot and hammertoe.

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