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What does having plantar fibroma feel like?

Asked 2 years ago

There's a firm lump in the arch of my foot, but it's not painful. Could it be that I have plantar fibroma?

Hosea Machio

Monday, January 24, 2022

Pain on the bottom of your foot, generally in the arch, is the most prevalent sign of a plantar fibroma. there is a noticeable lump in the arch that feels firm to the touch. This mass can remain the same size or get larger over time, or additional fibromas may develop. When you wear shoes that apply pressure on the plantar fibroma beneath your skin, you'll likely encounter this pain for the first time.

A plantar fibroma can put pressure on your foot depending on its size. It may seem as if you have a stone in your shoe, but when you shake it out, nothing is there.

It's possible that the plantar fibroma will be visible. It may appear that you have a little stone lodged in your skin (less than an inch wide). The flesh on your foot's arch will curl outwards around it or swell in an unusual way for your foot.

Plantar fibroma patients may or may not experience pain. When discomfort does develop, it's usually due to shoes pressing against the bulge in the arch, although it can also happen when walking or standing barefoot.

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