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What does sciatica pain in the foot feel like?

Asked 2 years ago

The other day I sat down by a table and I got stuck. I couldn't move my upper body backward or forward without experiencing a sharp pain inside my hips. Luckily it went away after a few minutes, but when I tried to stand up after that my entire leg gave way and I couldn't stand. Today I got stuck like that again, only this time I had a shooting pain in my foot that hasn't left for the entire day, making it difficult to walk. Did sciatica just go to my foot?

Lemuel Duran

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Yes, It can lead to your foot which caused you pain, while walking or standing. Sciatica pain is typically felt like a persistent burning sensation or shooting pain that radiates down the front or back of the thigh, leg, and/or feet from the lower back or buttock. Numbness in the back of the leg may accompany sciatica pain.

Janik Sundstrom

Janik Sundstrom

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Irritation of the nerve root or compression of the sciatic nerve originating in the back can cause pain to radiate down the length of the nerve and into the feet. Managing the sciatica pain originating at the lumbar spine should alleviate your symptoms of shooting pain in the feet. A physical therapist can assist you in managing these symptoms by treating the origin of the pain, which is the lumbar spine. This can be accompanied with gentle stretching exercises for the legs and lower back.

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