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Can hip problems affect your foot?

Asked 2 years ago

The doctor once said that I've got weak hip flexors and that I should exercis to maintime them. I haven't done those exercises in a while and I can feel a growing pain in my foot. Could this be from my hips, or is this something else?


Sylvester Henson

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Indeed! Weak glutes and tight hip flexors produce internal femur rotation, which creates a valgus position of the knee, tibial internal rotation, and finally excessive pronation, which puts strain on the plantar fascia.

As a result of poor posture, incorrect biomechanics, excessive sitting, and/or stress, a huge percentage of the population has dysfunctional hip flexor muscles. This can cause pain not just in the lower back, but also in the feet knees, and ankles.

~Rabinder Kumar, PT


Jasper Emerson

Monday, July 18, 2022

The growing pain in your foot may be a symptom of plantar fasciitis. When the hip flexors are weak, the muscles around the joint overcompensate to ensure normal motion. However, it ends up causing tight hips, valgus knee, and overpronation, making plantar fasciitis inevitable. It can also cause a stiff knee, back pain, and difficulty walking.


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