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What are functional orthotics?

Asked 3 years ago

I went to the shop looking for orthotics when I came across 'functional orthotics.' What does this mean?

Hosea Machio

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Functional foot orthoses are used to address improper foot function and, as a result, abnormal lower extremity function as well. Functional foot orthoses, like accommodative foot orthoses, may be created to accommodate painful regions on the bottoms of the feet. Flexible, semi-rigid, or hard plastic or graphite materials can be used to make functional foot orthoses. They're relatively thin and can be worn in a variety of shoes. They're built from a three-dimensional model of the foot, which can be created using a plaster mold, stepping into a box of compressible foam, or scanning the foot with a mechanical or optical scanner.

Functional foot orthoses are often used to alleviate big toe and lesser toe joint pain, arch and instep discomfort, ankle pain, and heel pain. Functional foot orthoses are often used to treat painful tendonitis and bursitis disorders in the ankle, knee, and hip, as well as shin splints in the legs, because poor foot function produces abnormal leg, knee, and hip function. Functional foot orthoses have the advantage of being very durable, requiring few alterations, and fitting into most regular shoes. The downsides are that they are difficult to adjust and that they are less cushiony.

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