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Best Insoles for Plantar Fibroma

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Kelly Hendrickse - Editor for Upstep
Edited by Kelly Hendrickse

Updated March 30, 2023.

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A plantar fibroma is a nodule that develops within the plantar fascia, which is the ligament that extends from your heel to your toes. Although it's benign and not very common, a plantar fibroma may cause severe pain and discomfort that affects mobility and makes it difficult to perform daily activities that require standing or walking. This pain can be worsened while wearing footwear. Thus, intervening is crucial to regain better foot function by relieving the pain.

What Causes Plantar Fibroma?

A plantar fibroma is a non-cancerous growth in the plantar fascia located at the foot arch. It is a connective tissue disorder caused by the proliferation of fibroblastic cells, the synthesis and deposition of collagen in the plantar fascia, and the accumulation of these collagenous materials in the foot arch. This can also present as multiple nodules.

While the exact cause of plantar fibromas is unknown, the following people are at a higher risk of developing them:

  • Males: Though unexplained, a greater prevalence of plantar fibromas has been observed in males compared to females.
  • Age greater than 40: After age 40, the chance of developing plantar fibromas increases.
  • Race: It is more prevalent among those of European descent.
  • Genetics: You may be more likely to develop plantar fibromas if someone in your family has developed it.

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Insoles That Help With Plantar Fibroma

A plantar fibroma may regress by itself, and the nodule may dissolve. Plantar fibromas have mostly no negative effects on your body, but any pain and discomfort you experience as a result can be managed with treatment. Insoles are an efficient conservative option.

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Because plantar fasciitis also affects the plantar fascia—the area directly impacted by plantar fibroma—we recommend Upstep's Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics. Designed to fit your foot shape, these can help alleviate pain and discomfort in the plantar fascia area, thus allowing you to perform your daily activities without strain.


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Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics

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Key Features of Plantar Fibroma Insoles

Not every insole will work for plantar fibroma, and everyone's experience is different. So, when choosing the best insoles, the ones that meet your needs and support the plantar fascia area are ideal. Here are some features to consider:

Foot Support

The best insoles for plantar fibroma have arch support that keeps the foot in its correct anatomical position and relieves any tension in the plantar fascia. Consequently, this can help minimize pain and discomfort in the foot. The right foot support can also help with mobility. For example, relieving tension on your arch can make activities like running or walking less of a struggle.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are designed using your foot shape and unique materials, as well as factors in the area most impacted by plantar fibroma. This is especially important since the causes of plantar fibroma are unknown. So, a custom insole can help redistribute weight around the nodule, reduce pressure on the heel, and minimize the tension in the plantar fascia. Custom insoles can also provide cushioning that improves comfort when walking and shock absorption that minimizes the impact of forces on the sole while walking.

Looking Good

Sometimes, sacrificing style for functionality may seem undoable. For example, if you're going to a formal dinner or have the perfect trendy outfit picked out for your day. But what if you can have both style and function? Because insoles can be customized to certain shoe types as well as for certain conditions, you can maintain your ideal shoe style while still easing the pain and discomfort from your plantar fibroma.

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Let Custom Insoles Ease Pain Caused by Plantar Fibroma

A plantar fibroma may not have a clear cause and are benign, but can lead to extreme pain and discomfort in the plantar fascia region. That's why intervention is important to help relieve the pain and allow you to go about your daily activities without struggle. Custom insoles, like those at Upstep, are a conservative and effective option that can help redistribute pressure around the nodule, relieve strain on the plantar fascia, and lessen the pain and discomfort.