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Why does the outside of my ankle hurt after I go for a run?

Asked 3 years ago

Every morning after my run, the outsides of my ankles hurt. Is this normal? Why does this happen?

Jan Hodges

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Overuse of a specific location on the outside of the foot is the most common cause of ankle pain. It's critical to figure out which phase of your gait cycle is causing the discomfort. Excessive lateral contact is the most common problem, which implies you're landing on your outside foot before rolling inwards. This occurs when the muscles that evert the foot are weak, so work on strengthening the peroneal muscles.

Supination is another major cause of pain. The cuboid and outer metatarsal is put under stress by a supinated foot, which has poor shock absorption. To alleviate discomfort, wear a neutral cushioned shoe with a lateral border, and in certain cases, a customized insole with a lateral border to support a neutral position.

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