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Do You Need Bigger Shoes to Wear Insoles?

Learn more about insoles, if they can fit your regular shoes and if bigger shoes are needed to accommodate the insoles.

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By Janik Sundstrom
Siphokazi Mdidimba
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Updated April 3, 2023.

Insoles are used by many people globally to provide comfort to the feet, relieve symptoms from various conditions that affect the feet, and prevent injuries from occurring. Insoles can be custom-made to specifically support your foot in all the areas required for maximum comfort.

Insoles are a cost-effective, safe way to effectively manage various conditions affecting the feet and can be used between shoes interchangeably. Insoles play an important role in redistributing the weight throughout the foot, reducing pressure points that may lead to discomfort. Reducing foot fatigue and preventing injuries in the ankle and foot are other benefits of wearing insoles in your shoes during your daily or sporting activities. 

Can Insoles Fit In Your Normal Shoes?

Yes, usually insoles fit comfortably in normal shoes. In some cases, you might find that your shoe may be too small to wear your insoles. This is commonly seen in some women's shoes, whilst most men's shoes should accommodate insoles comfortably. Orthotic insoles can be custom-made and altered to fit exactly into a specific shoe to provide you with the best level of comfort throughout the day. 

It is important to ensure that the insoles fit correctly within your shoes and do not crowd the toes or feet. It may take some time at first for your feet to adapt to the support felt while wearing orthotics, thereafter comfort and relief should be the norm whilst making use of them. 

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Are Bigger Shoes Necessary for Insoles?

You don’t usually need to get bigger shoes when using insoles unless the shoe is already extremely tight-fitting. The insole size is specific to your foot size and should fit comfortably in the shoes you already may have. 

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