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How to Choose the Best Insoles for Overweight People

Learn more about why orthotics may help you protect and manage conditions of the feet in people who are overweight, alongside what to look for in an insole.

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By Janik Sundstrom
Joel Taylor
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Updated April 3, 2023.

Being overweight can lead to increased pressure on the feet and may eventually lead to complications like bunions, flat feet, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis. You can protect and support the feet with the use of orthotic insoles to help prevent further complications from arising. 

Features of Good Insoles for Overweight People

You should look for insoles that come with supportive, cushioned padding—preferably made from a rigid material, as this is less likely to lose its intensity over time. Insoles made out of softer materials may collapse after a few months and will potentially cause a host of additional problems with continuous use. 

Finding insoles that best suit and support your specific foot shape is helpful in getting the best out of orthotics. If you have any of the conditions listed above, there are orthotics specifically designed to manage and prevent the worsening of these conditions. An orthotic that provides support to areas that may not require it could actually cause your condition to get worse, necessitating the need for custom orthotics instead of generic insoles.

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Best Insoles for Overweight People

Thicker insoles made from rigid materials are a good cost-effective and long-term choice. Identifying the type of orthotics you need is a vital first step and deciding whether you will benefit from orthotics. Spend some time observing the shape of your foot and what areas you are experiencing symptoms in before making a purchase.

Heel pain can be managed with specific insoles to limit the force during heel strikes. Pain associated with plantar fasciitis or bunions can be integrated into the optimum insoles for your feet to provide you with maximum comfort throughout the day. 

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