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Best Insoles for Wide Feet

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Kelly Hendrickse - Editor for Upstep
Edited by Kelly Hendrickse

Updated January 30, 2024.

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By itself, the shape or size of the feet should not be a problem. However, wide feet can become painful if you do not wear the appropriate shoes to accommodate the shape with enough space. This pain and discomfort can make activities, like walking, challenging, thus hampering mobility. Intervening and ensuring your shoes are tailored to your needs is essential in limiting and eliminating pain and discomfort.

What Can Lead to Wide Feet?

Wide feet are usually not a reason for concern and can develop from a number of causes. However, some cases may be a result of certain health conditions, like edema, which is swelling that may cause your feet to widen. In cases like this, it's important to seek professional medical advice for proper diagnoses.

But, aside from existing medical conditions, there are a few common causes of wide feet, such as:

  • Genetics - If your family has a history of wider feet, it's more likely that you will develop wide feet.
  • Obesity - In obese individuals, the legs bear more weight, which puts extra pressure on the feet. This can lead to a flattening of the feet that can result in wider feet.
  • Flat feet - With flat feet, your arch lengthens, resulting in longer feet. Your toes also splay out resulting in wider feet. Flat feet can also be genetic, and over time, your feet may naturally get flatter, and thus wider.
  • Shoe habits - Poor-fitting shoes can cause swelling and make your feet appear wider. Shoes too tight or small for you can also lead to toe deformities that can contribute to wider feet. Additionally, those who habitually walk barefoot are more likely to have wider feet.

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Insoles to Support Wide Feet

Because wide feet can lead to pain and discomfort in the feet, especially with ill-fitting footwear, the right insoles can help provide support and cushioning to alleviate the symptoms.

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Upstep's Flat Feet Custom Orthotics are an effective long-term option to help diminish your foot pain since flat feet are associated with several wide feet causes. These customized insoles can help redistribute your weight evenly on your feet, improve alignment, and provide cushioning for maximal comfort.


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Upstep Flat Feet Custom Orthotics

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The Perfect Shoes for Wide Feet

The best shoes for wide feet can vary as everyone has different foot needs. But the key deciders should be whether the shoes match the shape of the feet, don't cause constriction, and leave enough room for your toes to spread. A cushioned heel, firm sole, and flexibility in the right area are also important factors.

Here are a few other aspects to think about:

Good Fit

It's essential to select shoes that are wide where you need them to be. For example, while some feet may be wider at the toes, others may be wider around the arch. Shoes that fit correctly and with appropriate arch support can alleviate pressure and protect your feet.

This would allow you to stay as active as you want and perform your daily activities with ease. The shoes should match the natural anatomical shape of your feet as much as possible for the best comfort.

Additionally, shoes that fit well can help prevent toe deformities, like bunions, which are also painful.

Custom Insoles

Shoes with removable inserts that allow you to add a custom insole are ideal if you have wide feet. A custom insole uses unique materials and is designed specifically for your foot shape, adding support where your feet bear more weight and relieving pain and discomfort.

Custom insoles can also cushion the areas usually impacted most by wide feet, such as the arch, to prevent further pain or the development of other conditions, and also by flat feet. Since custom insoles usually can be tailored for specific shoe types, you also can maintain your style while supporting your wide and flat feet.

In Style

Why choose between practicality and style when you can have both? Yes, medical-grade shoes that are stylish aren't necessarily easy to come by. But it's important to seek a quality shoe that you find fashionable while still maintaining the medical benefits of orthotic shoes. This can encourage you to use your orthotics to avoid worsening your pain and discomfort, even if you're attending a formal event or important business meeting.

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Ease Pain From Wide Feet With the Right Insoles

Whether you're predisposed or develop wide feet due to other conditions or habits, you do not have to suffer pain or discomfort. Wearing shoes with the right fit and suitable orthotics can effectively manage this and help you perform your day-to-day tasks without strain. Custom insoles, like the ones at Upstep, can help relieve the pain caused by your wide feet and offer tailored support based on your specific foot shape. Moreso, these can provide comfortable cushioning to help evenly distribute weight on your feet, thus relieving extra pressure.